CFIB: Small businesses far too fragile to survive another lockdown, Adamson Barbecue

These lockdowns are hypocritical, damaging and straight-up not helpful to small businesses. We’re talking about a virus that has resulted in the death of 10,947 Canadians — with only 220 of those deaths occurring outside of Long Term Care facilities (as of November 25).

According to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), “small businesses are far too fragile to survive another round of lockdowns.”

In their press release on Nov. 10, 2020, they say that small businesses are far more fragile than the March lockdown.

“Today’s lockdown in Manitoba is nearly as comprehensive as the March shut-down, but small businesses are far more fragile today. Earlier CFIB estimates suggest 160,000 businesses across Canada may permanently close due to COVID-19, with the potential for the number to rise to 225,000,” said the Nov. 10 press release.

Let’s face it, there won’t be as many jobs for Canadians if all these businesses close — and why would there be any incentive for more businesses to open if the government is going to lock us down over and over again anyway?

There isn’t — unless you are essential — and even then can you guarantee a steady income if people aren’t supposed to come and see your new business in person?

Next comes the case of Adamson Barbecue in Etobicoke, Ontario. Mr. Adam Skelly decided to open his restaurant this week despite the lockdown measures that started in the Toronto and Peel Region of Ontario on Monday.

He sold out both days he was open thanks to the many customers who supported him while he defied the orders of public officials. Skelly was arrested Thursday around noon — but he has since been bailed out of jail. His bail was set at $50,000, with a hearing date arranged for January 4.

Skelly is facing both criminal and non-criminal charges, including trespassing, intent to obstruct police, violating indoor dining rules, holding an illegal gathering and operating a business without a licence. — Much of which will probably not hold up in court.

Police arrive in the early morning and close Adamson Barbecue

In the video seen below from 6ixbuzztv on Instagram, police arrived in the dark early morning to close the business and change the locks on his doors.

Doug Ford speaks on Adamson Barbecue

During his daily live stream on Wednesday, Premiere Ford pleaded with Skelly saying,

“People wanna open up their businesses, well I was nice to the guy yesterday. But buddy, let me tell you something — you need to shut down. You’re putting people’s lives in jeopardy. I always try to be nice the first time, but this guy is just totally ignoring public health officials,” said Ford.

Watch: Doug Ford speaks about Adamson Barbecue during his live stream on Wednesday.

Many before that were calling for his arrest despite him just trying to make an honest living and as he said — feeding my family is essential.

And he’s right, why is the government allowing people to cram into big-box-retailers like Walmart or Costco while small businesses are shuttering by the hundreds of thousands?

It makes no sense. — So do you still now really think this is just about a virus?

The GoFundMe fundraiser for Adamson Barbecue has raised more than $268,000 from over 5,000 donors to cover legal expenses. Skelly is facing upwards of $100,000 in fines.

#IStandWithAdam was trending on Twitter in the US Thursday along with #AdamsonBarbecue with almost 6,000 tweets. The phrase “GoFundMe” is trending in relation to Adamson Barbecue with over 76,000 tweets.