The young global leaders – the connections run deep

Big names – Recently, we discovered that Chrystia Freeland, Jagmeet Singh, and Michelle Rempel among many other influential Canadians were tied to Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders organization. Klaus Schwab, the author of the Great Reset and Founder of the World Economic Forum has many more in his sphere of influence however.

This was just the tip of the elitist iceberg tied to Schwab. Get ready – we have a lot more to share with you. Newly discovered names that belong to Schwab’s Young Global Leaders include the former CEO of Youtube, The Lyft co-founder, Marc Kielburger (recently found himself embroiled in Trudeau’s WE scandal), the Patreon founder, the co-founder of Airbnb, and even the co-founder of Black Lives Matter – Alicia Garza. Quite the diverse cast really. One things is for sure, at the end of this article you will be left with more questions than answers.

In this article we will simply list an extensive list of connections with links to the various websites. We will later follow up with the connections that stand out the most to us. We will continue releasing information on this topic as we uncover more on the connections.

Let us display our findings like we did with our twitter thread that exposed Rempel, Freeland, and Singh by listing some of the most concerning names attached to the Young Global Leaders and their positions and affiliations. When possible, each individual will be linked to their World Economic Forum profile directly. You can verify each member on Young Global Leaders here.

1.) David De Rothschild – member of the Rothschild family, and listed as the Founder of The Lost Explorer LTD. Once on The lost Explorer website, there is only 1 page with 2 links that lead to 2 more websites. Those websites are called Voice For Nature, and The Lost Explorer Mezcal (liquor).

2.) Marc Kielburger – founder of Free the Children and the co-founder of We charity (formerly known as Free the Children), which was most recently embroiled in scandal with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

3.) Chad Hurley – founder of AVOS, but more notably – he is the former CEO of Youtube. He also worked in Ebay’s Paypal division (Elon Musk and others owned Paypal).

4.) Ken Howery – Co-founder Paypal (Elon Musk connection), and now Co-founder of the Founders Fund which has invested in the likes of Spacex, Facebook, Airbnb, Stripe, Spotify, Lyft, Oculus, Credit Karma and DeepMind – an artificial intelligence company acquired by Google.

5.) Brett House – Deputy Chief Economist, Scotiabank, Canada.  “Previously Chief Economist, Alignvest Investment Management; Global Strategist, Woodbine Capital Advisors; Principal Adviser, Exec. Office of the Secretary-General of the UN; Policy Adviser, UNDP; Senior Macroeconomist, The Earth Institute.”

6.) Catherine RawBarrick Gold Corporation, Canada. “Catherine Raw was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Barrick in April 2016, having joined the company in May 2015 as Executive Vice President, Business Performance. She was previously a Managing Director at BlackRock where she was Co-Manager of BlackRock’s flagship mining equity funds.”

7.) Kevin J. Martin – Vice-President, Mobile and Global Access Policy, Facebook, USA. “Previously, he served as Chairman (2005-2009) and Commissioner (2001-2005) of the Federal Communications Commission.”

8.) Katherine Mayer – Executive Director, WikiMedia Foundation (owners of Wikipedia).

9.) Dana Leong – Founder, Grammy award winning musician, “Dana has performed healing music at the World Economic Forum’s Davos Congress and Summer Davos Closing Ceremonies.”

10.) Michael Kratsios – Chief Technology Officer of the United States, White House, USA. “He serves as the current Chief Technology Officer of the United States at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. In this role, Kratsios serves as President Donald Trump‘s top technology advisor. Since July 10, 2020, Kratsios has also been Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering.”

11.) Mark Zuckerburg – Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Facebook, USA.

12.) John Zimmer – Co-Founder and President, Lyft, USA. Lyft is a ride share program similar to Uber.

13.) Melike Yetken – Head, International Organizations, Google, USA. “President Obama’s economic agenda in Africa, lead negotiator, UN General Assembly, NY and Geneva, for contentious negotiations on human rights in N. Korea, Burma, Iran, Somalia, Sudan. Currently Senior Adviser on Corp. Responsibility, Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs; US National Contact Point for OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.”

14.) Adam Werbach – Global Lead, Sustainable Shopping, Amazon, USA. “He is currently the Global Lead for Sustainable Shopping at He helped Walmart launch its sustainability efforts.”

15.) Nolan Watson – President and Chief Executive Officer, Sandstorm Gold Ltd, Canada. “Sandstorm Gold, a NYSE American-listed company with a market capitalization of $1.1 billion. Recognized as one of the “Top-40-Under-40”, Canada and “CEO of the Year. Nolan is a regular contributor on various radio programs, television programs, and government conferences on topics ranging from mining, to environmental sustainability and he has been seen on CNBC, Fox Business News, BBC, BNN and CNBC Europe among others.”

16.) Eira Thomas – President and Chief Executive Officer, Lucara Diamond Corporation, Canada.

17.) Mustafa Suleyman – Vice-President, Artificial Intelligence Policy, Google, USA. “Mustafa Suleyman is co-founder and Head of Applied AI at DeepMind, where he is responsible for integrating the company’s technology across a wide range of Google products. In February 2016 he launched DeepMind Health, which builds clinician-led, patient-centered technology in the NHS.  DeepMind was a leading AI company backed by Founders Fund, Li Ka-Shing, Elon Musk, and David Bonderman amongst others.”

18.) Yancey Strickler – Cofounder, Kickstarter INC, USA. He is currently writing a book and no longer with Kickstarter.

19.) Brandon Stanton – Photographer, Humans of New York, USA.

20.) Alexander Soros – Global Board Deputy Chair, Open Society Foundations, USA. Most notably known for being George Soros son. “He is also the Founding Chair of Bend the Arc Jewish Action, and sits on the boards of International Crisis Group, Global Witness, Libraries Without Borders, and Central European University. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, Reuters, The Guardian, the New York Daily News, and Politico, among other publications.”

21.) Elaine Smith Genser – Consultant, United Nations Joint Sustainable Development Goal’s Fund (SDG), USA.

22.) Sally Shin – Executive Editor at NBC News Business, Tech & Media Unit | Young Global Leader at World Economic Forum

23.) Fern Shaw – President, Southern California, UPS (United States Postal Service), USA. “Shaw sponsors several of UPS’s committees (Diversity & Inclusion Steering Council, United Way, Profitable Growth, Upstarts Advisory) and business resource groups (Women’s Leadership Development, Women in Operations, Asian American, and LGBTQA).”

24.) Rajiv Shah – President, Rockefeller Foundation, USA. “In 2009, he was appointed USAID Administrator by President Obama and unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate.  Dr. Shah reshaped the $20 billion agency’s operations in more than 70 countries around the world by elevating the role of innovation, creating high impact public-private partnerships, and focusing US investments to deliver stronger results.”

25.) Kush Saxena – Executive Vice President, U.S Merchants and Acceptance, Mastercard, USA. “Kush Saxena has driven initiatives that have sharply differentiated Mastercard’s role in inclusion and digital identity. Additionally, Saxena co-founded Democracy Connect, a crowd-sourced advisory and information platform for Indian Members of Parliament.”

26.) Maria Teresa Kumar – President and Chief Executive Officer, Voto Latino, USA.

27.) Souad Mekhennet – Staff Reporter, The Washington Post, USA. “Souad Mekhennet is an award winning reporter for The Washington Post’s national security desk and author. She worked previously for The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, and NPR.”

28.) Jamie Morin – Executive Director, Center for Space Policy and Strategy, The Aerospace Corporation, USA. ” From 2014 to 2017, Director, Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (CAPE), US Department of Defense, leading a team of analysts and operations researchers who develop the department’s Future Years Defense Plan (5 year budget) and produce cost projections as well as cost-benefit assessments on all major US military acquisition programmes.”

29.) Max Neukirchen – Chief Executive Officer, Merchant Services, JPMorgan Chase & Co., USA. “His responsibilities include developing and driving the strategic agenda and strategic initiatives for the company. Strategic initiatives range across all aspects of the businesses from commercial strategies to innovation, technology, product development, regulatory and controls.”

30.) Salimah Yvette Ebrahim – Co-Founder, Artery, USA. “Reported for: Reuters, CBC Television, the Globe and Mail, the Cairo Times and A&E’s Biography Channel.  Ebrahim has been awarded and recognized for her work as both journalist and environmentalist, having been chosen and profiled by CBC Television as one of 25 Canadians who are changing the world; declared by Chatelaine magazine one of 80 amazing Canadian women to watch.”

31.) Alicia Garza – Principal, Black Futures Lab, USA. She is also the co-founder of Black Lives Matter and an admitted “trained Marxist.”

32.) Justin Finnegan – Managing Director, New Economy, Bloomberg, USA. “He held a number of positions including co-founder and Managing Director for Mountain Hazelnuts Group, a social venture, which is now the largest private employer in Bhutan, and later as a White House Fellow and Deputy at USAID for Feed the Future, the U.S. Government’s Global Hunger and Food Security Initiative. Finnegan has more than 10 years of operating experience in Asia, speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese”

33.) Jack Conte – Founder, Patreon, USA.

The list is extensive – stay tuned as we deep dive the names on this list and their work. We will keep connecting the dots. We will keep bringing you the stories that matter. Truth falls where it falls.

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