Doug Ford can’t read the room — his Twitter menu disaster

Just several hours ago Ontario Premiere Doug Ford tweeted the latest of his saga of food tweets.

In case you’re not familiar, here are some of Ford’s previous food tweets;

Many replied to the Ontario Premiere telling him that he “can’t read the room,” and telling him there are better things that he could be spending his time on — as well as a few of his loyal fans supporting him.

But as far as I can see — there aren’t many.

While looking through replies to his Ice Cream Day Tweet, we put together eight replies that stood out to us.

  1. The Ford Nation Twitter Menu

2. Rocky Roads … flat tires

3. ‘Justin’s sweet nectar,’ was only one of many Trudeau — Ford jokes.

4. “Cream of Trudeau?”

5. References and interpretations may vary.

6. I don’t think this one tastes very great.

7. S**t cream

8. Carbon taxes everywhere!

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