Doug Ford gets sidetracked and plugs Tim Hortons’ real eggs during press conference

Near the end of today’s Ontario press conference Ontario Premiere Doug Ford got sidetracked and promoted Tim Hortons’ new real eggs after talking about a senior couple’s good deeds leaving Tim Hortons’ gift cards on public benches.

The good deeds

“When I read this it just gives you chills. First of all, it goes through how this person who wrote me first of all is a senior — her husband is a senior living up in Peterborough. She was a nurse, he was a x-ray technician — now he’s had some health problems — going to Baycrest — just an incredible, incredible story here.”

He went on to say that their names are Marium and Terry.

“I want to thank you for writing this letter, it’s very thoughtful. But let me tell you what Marium has done. This is why I love the seniors. They’ve went through so many issues throughout their lives, be it the war and challenges and new Canadians that have come here have went through some war-torn countries and I’ve heard all these stories. And Marianne, this is what I’m talking about our seniors — she has made 2,900 masks herself — what an amazing person.

He then reaches for his pocket and pulls out some Tim’s gift cards saying he’s going to donate them to the frontline healthcare workers.

“Within the envelope, she sent me all these Tim Hortons gift cards, $10 gift cards for Dr. Williams and so on … they want to donate it.”

He then talks about how when Marium takes her husband down to Baycrest, she gets out of her car and puts these gift cards on public benches to help people whether they be homeless people or someone in need.

“Talk about the Ontario spirit, just team Ontario — I’m getting chills talking about it. These are hundreds, if not thousands of stories that make Ontario the greatest jurisdiction in the world. So Marium thank you, Terry thank you so much. When you come down and we get through this I’m going to have you by my office. But we’re going to go down University Avenue and hand out these Timmy’s card,” said Ford.

Then he gets sidetracked

“Oh yeah, I got to give Timmy’s a good plug — the best thing you guys ever did was make those real egg sandwiches. I used to go eat those other ones, they are the best those real egg sandwiches. So whoever did that at Timmy’s — good for you.”

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“And as for the leaf’s mask today — a lovely lady from Etobicoke made these in her house and go leaf’s go — what a champion — so again great Ontario spirit. Thank you Anna for this mask cause my buddy Brendan Shanahan — he’s tightest skin on a grape, he wouldn’t even give me one of these masks, so I had to get it off someone. I can always bust his chops, he’s great.”

Twitter reacts

As for Twitter, people had some fun with it.

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