Government funded report talks of a ‘Green Energy Revolution’ and ‘Rolling Blackouts’ to conserve energy -potentially in 2030

By: Greg Staley

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Yesterday’s Gone, a report funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Centre says that it identifies 8 megatrends with the potential to impact employment in Canada by 2030. The report says that the “goal of this research is to explore these technological, social, economic, environmental and political changes and to inform the design of skills-demand programs and policy responses.

A recent report from Canada’s Future Skills Centre (funded by the Canadian government) talks of a future ‘Green Energy Revolution,’ that could result in the ‘use of rolling blackouts’ and / or ‘social pressure to conserve energy by 2030.

“Producing carbon-free energy has never been cheaper. In fact, the IEA claims that solar is now the cheapest electricity in history. Additionally, the urgency of the climate crisis and shifting consumer preferences are creating an enormous economic opportunity in green energy and carbon-free transportation,” reads the report.

It continues saying;

“In Canada, investment in the green energy sector is expected to increase 46% by 2030, while recent private and public sector support in electric cars and trucks from across the political spectrum, such as automaker Ford’s $1.8 billion investment that was backed by both the Ontario Conservatives and Federal Liberals, suggests significant development in carbon-free transportation over the coming decade. This may lead to an employment boom in green energy–related occupations and new demand for relevant skills.”

It then starts making hypothetical scenarios about what this will mean for Canada by 2030.

“In 2030 this could mean”
  • There could be wide-scale implementation of policies like carbon tariffs and tax cuts for green energy companies.
  • We may see increases in individual and corporate energy usage monitoring, time-of-use pricing, use of rolling blackouts, or social pressure to conserve energy.
  • Despite being regarded as a relatively cleaner energy source, natural gas might no longer be socially acceptable to use in commercial and residential development.”

So not only may we see the use of “rolling blackouts, or social pressure to conserve energy” but we may see “natural gas might no longer be socially acceptable to use in commercial and residential development” according to this government funded report. This would be utter foolishness had the Government of Canada not funded this report through its Future Skills Centre.

“Labour market implications”

It then goes on to talk about labour market implications.

  • “Population distributions may shift towards regions particularly suited to wind and solar energy generation, which could lead to new economic opportunities in rural and coastal areas.
  • Demand for batteries could soar, both for green energy storage and in electric vehicles (EVs).

ARTICLE: Electric vehicles pose a big threat to the environment

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live in a reality where the power goes on and off via rolling blackouts. Green energy isn’t sustainable as it stands currently anyways – just look at the facts.

According to an article from the Manhattan Institute titled “Mines, Minerals, and “Green” Energy: A Reality Check” the process of building wind turbines, solar panel and batteries for electric vehicles on average uses 10 times the quantity of materials required to build machines using hydrocarbons to deliver the same amount of energy. Additionally, there is the concern of massive amounts of worn-out solar panels not being recycled with “green” standards to prevent environmental contaminations – read here about the “dark side” of solar panel waste.

What do you think about this government funded report? Does the discussion of potential rolling blackouts or social pressures regarding a green energy revolution concern you?

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Article updated May 19th, 2021.