Reduce MPP’s wages to CERB level until they end lockdowns – Bill to be introduced by Ontario independent MPP Roman Baber

Removed from Premier Ford’s PC party, for speaking out against lockdowns, now independent MPP Roman Baber has once again found himself at the centre of attention. This time he’s introducing a bill that would cut Ontario MPP’s wages to the same rate as the CERB benefit until “all Emergency Orders, except orders relating to hospitals and long-term care homes are revoked.”

That would reduce MPPs’ wages from about $2,200 a week (before taxes) to the Canada Emergency Response Benefit’s amount of $500.

Independent MPP Roman Baber has titled the bill the “We Are All in This Together Act.” Mr. Baber introduced the bill to the public in social media posts on both Facebook and Twitter. Baber said that Premier “Doug Ford is leaving hundreds of thousands of Ontarians destitute. Many can’t afford to put food on the table.”

He continued;

“MPPs are quick to take action that destroys people’s livelihoods while on a guaranteed six-figure salary. My Bill, if passed, will encourage MPPs to appreciate the consequences of their decisions.” Something so simple but so vital – understanding and appreciating the consequences of your decisions as a public policymaker.

Businesses can’t withstand more restrictions. The long-term consequences of our actions both physically, mentally and economically must be considered during the decision-making process by our politicians. What better way to help our politicians accomplish a genuine understanding of the hardship caused by their decisions than to receive the same wage as every Ontarian (CERB) they support not being able to go to work (lockdowns)?

Baber comments on the hardships facing Ontarians

“It’s easy to pass laws that destroy people’s livelihoods when you’re on government salary. My PMB will encourage MPPs to fully appreciate the consequences of their actions, when many Ontarians can’t afford to put food on the table,” Mr. Baber said when speaking about the bill.

He also had comments for the Premier;

Ontarians are tired of the reopening crumbs offered by Doug Ford. The Government should focus on fixing the crisis in Long Term Care and allow all Ontarians to make a living” Baber said. The government “must end the lockdown, that’s the best thing to do for the health of Ontarians.” Baber said in a statement on Twitter. Baber will introduce the Bill at 3pm.

Ontarians are tired of the reopening crumbs offered by Doug Ford. The Government should focus on fixing the crisis in Long Term Care and allow all Ontarians to make a living

independent mpp Roman Baber

We wish Mr. Baber all the best in carrying this Bill forward – although I’m sure it will be an uphill battle to get politicians to vote in favour of their own wage reduction.

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