Lockdowns and social distancing originated from a 15 year old’s science project – models run your life

Who thought of the idea to tell society to distance themselves by 6ft? Where did the science come from to support the idea of locking down healthy individuals in society? It came from a 15-year-old’s school science project – no I’m not kidding.

Quarantine hotels Interim injunction denied – court acknowledges constitutional questions need to be heard on merits

This past Friday, March 19th, the courts heard the Canadian Constitution Foundations court challenge that sought an interim injunction that if granted, would have suspended the law requiring travellers to quarantine at their own expense at a government-run quarantine hotel while waiting for their Covid-19 test results. The injunction would have suspended the law (temporarily) as theContinue reading “Quarantine hotels Interim injunction denied – court acknowledges constitutional questions need to be heard on merits”

Russian President Vladimir Putin challenges Biden to live debate after calling him a killer

Russian President Vladimir Putin has challenged U.S. President Joe Biden to a live debate.

The challenge was birthed after an interview with ABC News, where Biden called the Russian leader a killer. With regards to a U.S. intelligence report claiming Russia undermined the U.S. election in 2020 through a disinformation campaign to hurt Biden’s results.

Hospital admissions are much lower than historical record despite COVID-19 – ACES monitoring system

“The teal line shows the data from 2018 and 2019 (historical) for comparison to the current (2020) data. Lines showing +1 standard deviation (yellow line) and +2 standard deviations (maroon line) for the 2018 and 2019 data are also shown for comparison. If the black line showing the 2020 data rises above the yellow and maroon lines, it is possible that this indicates that community spread of COVID-19 is occurring.”

WE Charity’s Kielburger brothers had direct correspondence with Senior Advisor for PM’s office – WE scandal grows

READ AND WATCH: The Kielburger brothers were in testifying under oath Monday, March 15, 2021 regarding the WE Charity scandal. They were questioned heavily by many members of parliament including Pierre Poilievre, Charlie Angus and others.

While testifying, the Kielburgers claimed there was no role of Senior Advisor for the PMO, Ben Chin, and that they never had direct contact with Chin regarding the shaping of the summer student grant program.

Albertan Pastor James Coates to be released from Jail – Crown withdraws all but one Public Health Act charges

n what is great news for Canadians everywhere – Crown prosecutors have now agreed that Pastor Coates can be released without conditions and that they will withdraw all but one of the Public Health Act charges against the pastor. Prosecutors also agreed to withdraw the criminal charge in connection with the condition imposed by the RCMP on February 7th – and instead have charged Pastor Coates $100 for breaching the condition. Pastor Coates has agreed to pay but the single charge remaining has not been withdrawn.

It’s time the government rip off the bandaid that is “caring for our health”

With lockdowns causing rising mental health issues, missed cancer screenings and life-saving surgeries — it’s time we rip off the government bandaid that is “caring for our health.”

The downsides of Trudeau’s “green” investment – $50 million to EV battery assembly plant in Quebec

The Trudeau government has invested $50 million into a highly automated battery-pack assembly plant in Saint–Jérôme, in the Laurentians. This comes alongside another $50 million that will be interjected by the Premier of Quebec, François Legault. While many are likely to applaud the decision to give money towards the development of a battery-pack assembly plant within Canada – Diverge Media has a different take.

Canada one step closer to United Nations UNDRIP? – Second reading of bill C-15

UNDRIP or the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is at the core of bill C-15. The bill says that it is “An Act respecting the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” – but what does it seek to do?