“Our measures are taking more lives than they’re saving,” — Roman Baber confronts Christine Elliott

Baber confronted Elliott last Thursday during question period after a report came out in The Star that lyes out the impact of lockdowns during the pandemic to be far more tragic than originally thought.

WATCH: Roman Baber’s fiery exchange with Solicitor Gen. Sylvia Jones and House Leader Paul Calandra

A valid question regarding the Reopening Ontario Act resulted in a fiery exchange between Roman Baber and the Solicitor General of Ontario this week.

“ICUs aren’t overwhelmed:” Roman Baber takes shots at Ford Government

In a recent post from Ontario MPP Roman Baber, he breaks down just a taste of the real stats and information surrounding Ontario Hospital’s Intensive Care Units (ICUs).

It’s time the government rip off the bandaid that is “caring for our health”

With lockdowns causing rising mental health issues, missed cancer screenings and life-saving surgeries — it’s time we rip off the government bandaid that is “caring for our health.”

Reduce MPP’s wages to CERB level until they end lockdowns – Bill to be introduced by Ontario independent MPP Roman Baber

Removed from Premier Ford’s PC party, for speaking out against lockdowns, now independent MPP Roman Baber has once again found himself at the centre of attention. This time he’s introducing a bill that would cut Ontario MPP’s wages to the same rate as the CERB benefit….

*Staley* I need a mental health day

I’m not much of a socialite in reality – I have always been content with a small but loyal group by my side. I’m not the type of person that requires a lot of time with others and often find it energizing to spend time alone. This doesn’t mean however that I don’t need time with others for my mental health and well-being from time to time.

Ontario MPP writes Premier Ford “the lockdown is deadlier than Covid” – “Ontario’s hospital capacity is better than pre-pandemic”

“the lockdown is deadlier than Covid” – “Ontario’s hospital capacity is better than pre-pandemic” Roman Baber for York Centre wrote to the Premier.