“Dollarama is essential to low-income folks,” people react to Ontario’s essential goods regulation

You can only shop a few aisles in Ontario Dollarama locations after the Ford government changed its mind from a “shutdown” to a full-blown stay-at-home order with additional restrictions prohibiting the sale of “non-essential” items in all retail stores across the province.

A Dollarama location in Kitchener posts their restricted articles list on the door to notify patrons what isn’t allowed to be sold under Ontario’s new regulations. Broderick Visser / Diverge Media

According to the new policy, which was enacted Thursday, stores can only sell items deemed essential by the Ontario government. These items include; grocery items, pet care supplies, household cleaning supplies, pharmaceutical items, health care items, personal care items โ€” as well as a limited supply of infant clothing.

That’s right, you can’t buy the new summer clothes you needed to buy since you’ve gained all that weight by staying at home.

All kidding aside, people and parents alike are unable to buy themselves or their children clothing for at least a month (in-person). The only clothing available is for newborn children. This has been highly criticized by some on social media.

“I just bought my daughter two pairs of shorts, one is a 6-12 month and the other is 12-18 month. They both fit her perfectly. If I hadn’t seen them in the store I wouldn’t have gotten the right size. Different cuts and styles don’t fit the same. I find online shopping very difficult,” wrote one user on Facebook.

An electronics section in a Kitchener, Ont. Dollarama location posted with “section closed” signs. Broderick Visser / Diverge Media

It really shouldn’t be up to the Ontario government to decide what is and what isn’t essential. It’s frankly a load of crap.

What if you need a frying pan to cook on?

What if your newborn child doesn’t fit in newborn-sized clothing?

What if you need new socks and underwear?

Well in these cases โ€” you’re out of luck and will have to look to buy-and-sell groups to acquire these goods.

Need school supplies for your kids who still have to go to school or who you need to homeschool? Can’t buy those.

Dollarama Inc. just announced that the Rossy family, which founded the company is selling a total of 2.2 million shares in the discount retailer. This leaves the family with 13.1 million shares in the company with a 4.2 per cent stake.

For some, places like the dollar store are their only way to afford certain goods like school supplies or bathroom products. Those who do have low incomes will only but have less to spend. Since Dollarama doesn’t have curbside pickup they’ll have to opt to buy from Amazon for a higher price or altogether not buy it at all.

It’s utterly unbelievable that a government can choose what is and isn’t an essential product.

ARTICLE: Who declares what is essential? โ€” In Brian Pallister’s Manitoba

A teacher from Manitoba shared her experience with the non-essentials order.

Can’t social distance with only a few aisles Doug.

Memes have been born from these nonsense filled restrictions.

“Pssst – it’s not about a virus.”

Some have tweeted joke tweets as a way to get some laughs.

We all know the Ford government won’t throw these new restrictions out the window just like that โ€” but hopefully they will come to their senses and change what is deemed “non-essential,” because Ontarians are already fed up with this nonsense.

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