“We’re not closing” — Whistle Stop Cafe wants to raise $300,000 to buy their own restaurant

A day ago, Whistle Stop Cafe in Mirror Landing, Alberta put out a statement regarding their hurdles of fighting to keep their business open and the amount of love and support they have been receiving from customers and supporters.

“Good afternoon to all you beautiful, FREE men and women who believe in what we’re doing here at the Whistle Stop Cafe in Mirror, Alberta. This morning was very difficult for me. I’ve been in turmoil, torn between the paths I’m facing. Between conversations with lawyers, patrons, the media, supporters, and adversaries to freedom I’ve made it through the day. So far;) I’ve made up my mind as to what path I’m taking,” said Owner, Chris Scott in the post.

We will not close. But there’s a very big hurdle to overcome.

Chris Scott, Owner of Whistle Stop Cafe, Mirror Landing, Alta.

They have been fighting Alberta Health Services (AHS), receiving closure notices, fines and court orders —left, right and centre. According to Scott, AHS is “conspiring with the [Occupational health and safety] OH&S” with others to put pressure on the owner and those around him to stop what they’re doing — running their business and earning their living.

Scott recently went live today on Facebook saying AHS had visited them once again and ordered them close.

“Well guess what? We’re not closing and AHS, if you want to end your relationship with me over this — don’t come back here. You’re not welcome here. If I want you here, I’ll send you an email and I’ll ask you to come and inspect my facility to make sure what we are doing is safe — food preparation wise. Because the safety of my customers and my staff is always paramount,” he said.

Scott says he loves earning his own way because it’s extremely fulfilling.

“They’re trying to use fear as a means to their end. I knew this day would come but I thought there would be more time. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t want anything more from those who joined our fight than to exchange a great meal for their hard-earned cash. We LOVE earning our way! It’s extremely fulfilling,” said Scott in the Facebook post.

“With what’s happening now it’s become necessary to remove the mechanism that these tyrannical agencies are using to force people to OBEY, OBEY, OBEY.”

“We need to hold the title to our facility in our hand and remove any other party from the bullying that the government is using to force people into submission.”

“We need to raise $300,000 in 5 days.”

Chris Scott

They didn’t want to have to resort to asking others for money — but they say the donations won’t be without return to the community.

“I don’t like asking for this, and believe me it’s taken a lot of convincing to get me to do it. Every customer, supporter, family member has put their support behind this. But I still don’t want something for nothing. We’re asking for ANYONE who supports this to help us, but I’m going to offer something in return. Every one of us here at the Whistle Stop believes in giving back to the community and helping others.”

“So for any of you who want to call me a con artist or a scammer or phone here and offer to donate ‘deez nuts,’ you can get bent! If you wanna put yourself in a small business owners’ shoes and try to fight this thing and not lose your business over these garbage restrictions that the government has put on us — you’re more than welcome to it,” said Scott in the Facebook live today.

They say if you donate, add a message with the donation saying “give to charity,” or “gift.” Any donation made with the note to give to charity will be tallied up.

“Any donation made with the note to give to charity will be tallied up and as we continue doing business we will donate $2000 per month to different charities until the total amount is matched. We will be setting up a third-party, arms-length entity to manage this to ensure transparency. Any surplus raised will be used for legal expenses and to ensure we can’t be forcibly closed.”

Whistle Stop Cafe is accepting donations via Etransfer, for more details visit the embedded post below.

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