Randy Hillier’s speech at Peterborough protest interrupted when police ticket Maxime Bernier

A ‘No More Lockdowns’ rally in Peterborough, Ont., gathered what appeared to be 1000+ protesters after Mayor Diane Therrien told PPC leader Maxime Bernier and Ontario MPP Randy Hillier; “I know you boys are bored but stay TF home,” she posted on Twitter Thursday calling the protest a “travelling clown convention.”

Hillier commented on the Mayor’s comments in a Toronto Sun article saying;

“I think because of the mayor’s tweets there could be thousands at this rally.”

During the middle of Hillier’s speech today, police went to ticket Bernier — but it didn’t go to plan for authorities as the crowds surrounded them and the People’s Party of Canada leader.

It was confirmed later with a member of Mr. Hillier’s staff that Mr. Bernier did receive a ticket – the amount of the fine is unknown.

You can watch our full coverage of the event on Facebook.

During the commotion, Hillier decided to go down to calm matters down between protesters and police. Hillier was also issued a ticket – but we have been unable to verify the amount of the ticket.

During his speech, he noted that Peterborough police had contacted him in advance to see if they could arrange to give him his ticket in advance.

“This police officer said to me — he says to me, ‘can we make arrangements so that we can give you your ticket before the event or even after the event?'”

“He was willing to charge me before I was even here — before there was ever any offence,” he said.

Hillier said at the end of his speech that he would use the tickets as wallpaper in his house.

“Let me tell everybody here — every police officer — I’ll paper my walls with your tickets before I ever give up,” he said. “Every wall of my house will have your worthless tickets on it before I ever give up.”

He then continues saying;

“We will not stand down — we will stand for freedom and no more lockdowns.”

Mr. Hillier did receive a ticket – but the fine did not have a dollar amount attached to it. We confirmed this with a member of Mr. Hillier’s team.

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Article updated April 24th, 2021 to include information regarding Mr. Hillier’s ticket.

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