Dr. Steven Innocente speaks out against PCR testing at Stratford NML protest

At a ‘No More Lockdowns’ protest in Stratford on Sunday, April 25, several doctors spoke out.

One of those doctors — Steven Innocente, spoke out on PRC testing and the issues with it.

Dr. Innocente has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and studied genetics and cancer at McMaster University. After receiving his doctorate, he moved to Edinburgh, Scotland to study yeast for ten years. He then returned to Kitchener-Waterloo to open his own microbrewery called Innocente Brewing Company.

When Innocente brewing began to speak out he received hate.

“I’ll tell you, folks, us small guys need all the support from all of you — because when it went out that I’m doing this — the hate that I received online. Being called a racist, being called a homophobe, what? It’s insane, the cancel culture is real.”

He has even worked with PCR tests he says.

“I’m here to talk to you about PCR and science. That is what I became a global expert in when I was in Edinburgh. I’ve done probably 150-200 thousand of those myself — and that’s what got us into this whole problem —RT-qPCR,” said Innocente.

“PCR is a beautiful thing. The fellow that dreamt it up, Kary Mullis, won a Nobel Prize for it — and even he said it should never be used as a diagnostic test on its own.”

PCR “Is far too sensitive”

Innocente says the PCR test is too sensitive.

“It should never be used as a test. It is far too sensitive. Right now the province of Ontario was testing up to 47 cycles. The WHO recommended 25. That difference is a 10 million-fold increase in sensitivity. I could be a kumquat if they tested my DNA like that — it’s not rational,” he said.

Kary Mullis, said it himself in the video above.

“It’s a really quantitative thing — it tells you something about nature and about whats there. It allows you to take a very minuscule amount of anything and make it measurable and then talk about it in meetings like it’s important. See that’s not a misuse, that’s just sort of a miss interpretation,” he said.

Innocente pointed out the lies Canadians have been told throughout the past many months.

“We’ve been told”

“For the past 14-months we’ve been told to follow the science … we’ve been told that lockdowns work — do they? We’ve been told

“We’ve been told that the virus, SARS-CoV2, is a novel virus — it’s actually not, it’s basically a variant of SARS. We’ve been told that masks work — so therefore masking children is justified and harmless. We’ve been told that viruses spread on surfaces and via droplets — they don’t, they don’t — aerosols my friends. Someone who is not sick is still sick and able to spread the disease — not possible,” he said.

“Many scientific papers in December alone disprove. One of them had 10 million people in a study — disproving asymptomatic transmission.”

“We’ve also been told since this is a novel coronavirus that we have no previous immunity — none. It’s like ‘whoa we’ve never seen this before — it’s going to kill everyone.’ No we have immunity to this. There’s been studies — Canadian studies that have shown 90 per cent of people tested have antibodies to this.”

“People have died”

Innocente also did note that people have died — but he says “correlation is not causation,” in other words because two variables correspond with each other — it doesn’t mean they are necessarily related.

“People have died, that’s a problem — correlation is not causation — that is the scientific principle. Died with COVID or due to COVID — that needs to be researched,” he said.

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