“We are seeing the court System, the entire system here is breaking down” – Derek Sloan at No More Lockdowns rally in Chatham

By: Gregory Staley

The MP from Hastings-Lennox and Addington, Derek Sloan, began his speech at the No More Lockdowns rally in Chatham today by telling those gathered in support that “these lockdowns are unconstitutional. They are destroying the country, they are destroying families and we know that. We know it. The studies are coming out. We can see it with our own two eyes.”

Mr. Sloan continued:

“We have never been in a situation before where the government has on a broad scale mandated that businesses must close. It is crazy and you know one of the questions I received this morning was “well isn’t this dangerous?” Frankly, go to a local Costco – you’ll see more people in there than there are here. The rules make no sense. We’ve had enough months to see the results of these rules, they don’t make sense. Keeping the healthy at home helps nobody. This is an absolute disgrace.”

Sloan says the court system is breaking down

Mr. Sloan began talking about the situation in the courts by holding up a copy of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Bill of Rights. He told the hundreds gathered in attendance “those freedoms are being trampled upon and we are seeing the court system – the entire system here is breaking down. We are seeing courts, the government is issuing tickets but they’re not letting anybody appeal them – they keep kicking them down the road because they don’t want to lose in a Charter challenge. And you’re seeing the courts because of Covid they’re not willing to hear these Charter challenges – they’re pushing them down the road. What kind of a society are we living in where we can’t even get reasonable redress in our courts of law – it’s crazy, it’s crazy.”

“The entire system here is breaking down. We are seeing courts, the government is issuing tickets but they’re not letting anybody appeal them – they keep kicking them down the road because they don’t want to lose in a Charter challenge.”

Derek Sloan MP for Hastings-Lennox and Addington
“A great reset where politicians don’t lie anymore”

The former candidate for the Conservative Party leadership continued his message:

“That is why it is time for us individual Canadians to take the power back to protest peacefully. To address our grievances with our politicians and I’m telling you it’s time for a new order it’s time for a new great reset. A great reset where politicians don’t lie anymore. A great reset where politicians tell the truth. A great reset where businesses can open and flourish. A great reset where we’re free to go to church”

Sloan said that we have “seen the absolute destruction of our economy,” and that “we are seeing failures by governments at all levels.” Mr. Sloan also told those in attendance that “all parties have failed us.”

The debt problem

Mr. Sloan talked about the economy and issues with the ballooning debt. He said “we are seeing our country drown in debt that has never been accumulated before from the history of this country to today – never! We are seeing the current federal Liberal government after having spent half a trillion dollars to pay healthy people to stay home. We are hearing them say that the answer to the current economic malaise is an additional hundred billion dollar stimulus – It’s a scam! They are using this as an opportunity to hoist their agenda on us – they said it, they have said it.”

Sloan’s free advice to the liberals

“The way to get the economy back on track is to open up! Open up! Open up!” Mr. Sloan yelled at the top of his lungs. The MP from Hastings-Lennox and Addington then led chants of “open up” with the crowd from Chatham. You can see the video below.

When speaking about Covid Mr. Sloan told the crowd in Chatham that “there is no question that people have died from Covid-19 – there’s been some in my own family that have got it and it was nasty for them. They didn’t die, some have – but it was nasty for them. But the idea that we should shut down the entire economy, sell our future down the drain for generations keeping healthy people at home against all evidence is crazy and we should rightly stand up, we should rightly push back.”

Sloan then told the crowd a story about a member of the media who informed him that they didn’t think what he was doing would make a difference. Mr. Sloan took the opportunity to talk about his previous experience in Chatham during the candidacy race to become the leader of the Conservative Party. He told those in attendance “There is no other issue that would bring this number of people out in Chatham. Where there’s one – there’s a hundred.”

Mr. Sloan continued by sharing his thoughts on the turnouts he had been seeing around the province:

“You can barely get 20 people to come out to protest some kind of government cuts. We have hundreds of people here – we have probably 500 people here this is just Chatham! We had a 1000 people in Barrie, We had I don’t know 800 in Stratford on the coldest day in months! This is hitting a chord. We are growing, we are swelling. This is a ground breaking movement and we will never turn back.”

Derek Sloan gave a warning to politicians

Derek Sloan finished his speech by talking about politicians that may come out in the future against the lockdowns after it becomes “fashionable” or convenient to do so.

Speaking to those in attendance he said:

“And those politicians that begin to come out against the lockdowns God bless em – but we will never forget. When it becomes fashionable to be against the lockdowns. When you know maybe one of the federal opposition parties, maybe one of the other parties comes out and says yea maybe these lockdowns are too bad – where were you! Where were you! You were asleep at the switch! Our country is going down the drain and you were asleep. We will never ever forget – ever!”

Sloan told those in support of ending lockdowns that although he had voted for Premier Ford’s party but could “never ever support that government again.” Independent MPP Randy Hillier was also in attendance and announced that over 25,000 No More Lockdown signs had now been handed out across the province.

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