Ontario would have had more freedom during Covid if Kathleen Wynne was still Premier!

By: Greg Staley

Yesterday in the Ontario legislature, NDP deputy leader of Ontario, Sara Singh brought forward a motion to “allow outdoor amenities and activities to immediately reopen safely, in keeping with the recommendations of the Ontario science table and other public health experts.” The motion was voted down 63 to 21.

Perhaps some will find this to be an absurd statement but if Kathleen Wynne were still Premier of Ontario – we would have more freedom than we do today. Hear me out. Of the 21 members that voted in favour of reopening outdoor amenities and activities – one of them was former Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne. Other notable names that supported the motion brought forward by the NDP’s Sara Singh were Roman Baber and Belinda Karahalios.

Let’s follow the line of logic here. Kathleen Wynne voted in favour of the motion which by default means if Kathleen Wynne were still Premier of Ontario that outdoor amenities and activities would be open right now in Ontario – something currently denied to Ontarians under Premier Ford’s rule. That means you could be out golfing right now and enjoying a wobbly pop – but not in Doug Ford’s Ontario. If Kathleen Wynne were still Premier of Ontario your child could be playing baseball or soccer or football and enjoying the fresh air with their friends – but not in Doug Ford’s Ontario!

As the Deputy leader of the NDP Sara Singh brought up while discussing her motion “the Ontario science table medical experts, big-city mayors and everyone in between has been clear: No one asked this government to shut down outdoor recreation and amenities.” She continued “In fact, what the science table has recommended is that they open those spaces up so people can get out of indoor spaces and get outside and play.”

It’s a head-scratcher as to why the Conservative Party wouldn’t take this low-hanging fruit and let Ontarians have back their access to the outdoor amenities and activities they so desperately crave. This seems like an easy win for the Ford government but since the NDP (the official opposition) brought it forward perhaps Premier Ford decided politics must be played and decided that the party should vote against it.

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Published by Greg Staley

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