VIDEO: Maxime Bernier on the impact lockdowns have on small businesses in Canada

By: Greg Staley

Article written on May 26th, 2021

Maxime Bernier took a few minutes to speak with Diverge Media’s Greg Staley at the ‘World Wide Rally For Freedom’ in Toronto last Saturday, May 15.

Q: “Why is the PPC the only federal party thus far to be taking a stand against lockdowns?”

Greg Staley, Diverge Media

“I don’t know why. You must ask that question to the Conservative Party of Canada, the Liberal, the NPD, the Greens. You know we are — because I believe, I think — it’s because we are not doing politics like the other parties,” said Bernier.

“We are doing politics differently, based on principles and for us — freedom. Individual freedom, personal responsibility, respect and fairness are the four principles … that are the foundation of The People’s Party of Canada.”

Maxime Bernier, Leader of The People’s Party of Canada

“For us, it is normal to speak about — against these draconian measures and that’s why I started that more than ten months ago. I said that every business is essential and we don’t need these lockdowns to fight a virus,” he said.”

1 in 5 businesses in Ontario, 1 in 6 in Canada due to close

“Any comment on Dan Kelley of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business [CFIB] saying that one in five businesses in Ontario and one in six in Canada are due to close if we don’t extend the lockdown beyond what we just did?” Staley asked Bernier.

“Well, is this closed or open? And that’s not fair. You have Costco that can be open and a lot of people use Costco — but they cannot go to their local store. So it’s unfair it is unjust and it’s killing the economy — it’s killing the small business,” said Bernier.

“We know that small businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy. So that’s why we must end that as soon as possible.

Maxime Bernier, Leader of The People’s Party of Canada

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