All-Cause Mortality Canada 2020 – Number of deaths IS up

By: Greg Staley

Written on May 26th, 2021

You likely won’t find this information on any other news outlet. That is because the amount of work that goes into researching a piece like this is extensive. Simply put, in this day of instant gratification, organizations don’t seem all that interested in allocating the time and resources required to sift through the massive amounts of data required to give you this kind of information – but that’s what Diverge Media does.

If you search up all-cause mortality in Canada you will find estimates of what the expected number will be but nothing giving a precise number. This is because to calculate that number you must calculate week by week the death numbers for Canada in 4 age categories. This means you have to calculate each week’s data for 4 different age groups for a total of 208 different data entries in total.

All-Cause deaths 2018-2020 Canada

All-Cause Deaths 2018

Total Deaths 2018: 283,015 all-cause deaths

Total Population 2018: 37,249,240

Deaths as a percentage of population 2018: 0.76%

All-Cause Deaths 2019

Total Deaths 2019: 283,035 all-cause deaths

Total population 2019: 37,802,043

Deaths as a percentage of population 2019: 0.75%

Now in my previous article titled “All cause mortality 2020 – Canada” I added up all the stats at the time but the data was incomplete and I had to give an educated guess of what I expected deaths to be for the 10 missing weeks. So I waited for the data to come in but at the time I predicted a total of 301,343 deaths for all of Canada in 2020.

Read about how I came to this conclusion by reading my article:

Article: All cause mortality 2020 – Canada

Breakdown of total deaths by age category

Age 0-44: all-cause deaths 2020 = 15,810

Age 45-64: all-cause deaths 2020 = 44,310

Age 65-84: all-cause deaths 2020 = 129,360

Age 85+: all-cause deaths 2020 = 113,870

All-cause deaths for 2020 for all age groups in Canada = 303,350

Deaths as a percentage of population in 2020: 0.797% round up total = 0.8%

Population of Canada currently according to Stats Canada: 38,048,738

Number of deaths off compared to Diverge Media’s prediction made on January 6th, 2021 = 303,350 – 301,343

Diverge Media Prediction (made Jan.6, 2021) was off by = 2007 deaths.

There was a total of 20,315 MORE deaths in 2020 compared to 2019. Many of these deaths came as a repercussion of our approach to dealing with Covid – not from Covid itself. Deaths as a percentage of the Canadian population was up .05% from 0.75% in 2019 to 0.8% in 2020.

Excess death IS up – what does it mean?

Those that have fallen in love with lockdowns as the catch all approach to dealing with Covid-19 will be quick to point to Covid as the culprit for excess deaths in Canada for 2020 but I am not one of them. Lockdowns by all measures have CAUSED more harm than they have prevented. The Lancet reported that full lockdowns don’t work in August of 2020!

More recently, Anthony Furey reported on the cost of lockdowns in the Toronto Sun. He covered the cost benefit analysis performed by an Economics professor named Douglas. W. Allen from Simon Frasier University.

In Mr. Allen’s report titled “Covid Lockdown Cost/Benefits: A Critical Assessment of the Literature” he breaks down “over 80 Covid-19 studies” and says that “many relied on assumptions that were false, and which tended to over-estimate the benefits and underestimate the costs of lockdown. As a result, most of the early cost/benefit studies arrived at conclusions that were refuted later by data, and which rendered their cost/benefit findings incorrect.

Many relied on assumptions that were false, and which tended to over-estimate the benefits and underestimate the costs of lockdown.

Douglas w. Allen

Mr. Allen didn’t hold back in his cost-benefit analysis. He said that lockdowns could “go down as one of the greatest peacetime policy failures in Canada’s history.” Mr. Allen added that the models that describe lockdowns benefits don’t “separate the mandated effect from the voluntary effect.”

That is to say they don’t separate the voluntary actions people take to combat Covid from the ones they’re forced to take (lockdown) – they attribute all those voluntary actions benefits to lockdown instead thereby creating a false scenario. So social distancing, staying home when ill and all the other actions Canadians have been taking are not being taken into account and instead their benefits are actually attributed to lockdowns!

Stats Canada indicates more deaths may be caused by lockdowns than from Covid

According to a Stats Canada paper titled “Provisional death counts and excess mortality, January to December 2020” (released 2021-03-10) excess deaths in recent times have been more than deaths from Covid.

The paper said “In the early months of the pandemic, the weekly number of excess deaths and deaths caused by COVID-19 were closely aligned and mostly affected older populations, suggesting that COVID-19 itself was driving excess mortality in Canada. However, more recently, the number of excess deaths has been higher than the number of deaths due to COVID-19, and these deaths are affecting younger populations, suggesting that other factors, including possible indirect impacts of the pandemic, are now at play.

Make no Mistake about it lockdowns are hurting many people while many others remain unaffected. 1 in 5 businesses in Ontario expected to close forever and 1 in 6 in Canada according to the CFIB’s President Dan Kelley. Enough is enough – It’s time to protect the most vulnerable and get back to living. 22 states and counting have opened without restrictions but Canada’s politicians continue to brag about their lockdowns.

Article: Dan Kelly CFIB President “We’re really close to a societal breakdown” – 1 in 5 Ontario businesses expected to close due to lockdowns

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