“There’s a wind coming from the south — the wind of freedom” Maxime Bernier at Waterloo protest

By: Broderick Visser
Published: June 7, 2021

Several hundred people attended a protest, dubbed the ‘True North Freedom Assembly,’ at the Waterloo Public Square on June 6, to hear speeches from various speakers like Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC).

Other speakers at the event included Dr. Michael Palmer, Kristen Nagle, ‘Tania The Herbalist,’ Amanda Forbes and others.

Large crowds gather for the ‘True North Freedom Assembly’ at the public square in Waterloo, Ont., on Sunday, June 6, 2021. (Broderick Visser / Diverge Media)

Bernier and others came to the event regardless of officials urging people to “avoid Waterloo anti-lockdown rally.”

Bernier had a few words for them.

“Your establishment politicians said yesterday that we are not welcome. You and me, they said it was not the time to protest or to have a rally. I’m telling them it’s never the wrong time to fight for what is right,” said Bernier during his speech on Sunday at the Waterloo Public Square.

Maxime Bernier, Leader of the People’s Party of Canada

“We are doing that together today because we know that our freedoms are under attack and we must defend our way of life, our values, our freedom against these authoritarian governments now,” he said.

Bernier also spoke on what he called “a wind” that is “coming from the south.”

“Freedom is the fundamental value that draws us together here today. I cannot imagine being here today to fight for our freedom. We [are] supposed to be in a free country,” said Bernier. “We are not anymore. But I can tell you, I’m feeling it. There’s a wind coming from the south. The wind of freedom, a wind from Florida, from Texas, from the US.”

Maxime Bernier, Leader of the People’s Party of Canada

“I won’t let you down, I won’t,” Bernier then added.

The PPC also introduced several new and potential candidates for an upcoming election — whenever that may happen.

Two men hold up a People’s Party of Canada banner at the ‘True North Freedom Assembly’ in Waterloo, Ont., on Sunday, June 6, 2021. (Broderick Visser / Diverge Media)

The Liberal Party of Canada along with other parties and MP’s across Canada voted recently on a motion to avoid a ‘pandemic election’ but the Liberals triggered the ‘electoral urgency’ clause on Friday.

According to CBC, the Liberal Party’s national campaign co-chairs declared a “state of electoral urgency,” a procedural move that will allow them to speed up the nomination process for local candidates ahead of the next federal election.

A Liberal spokesperson says they are not pushing for an election. But “rather preparing for the possibility that the minority government could fall at any time,” reads the CBC article.

Bernier says his party speaks “for all Canadians” and he says he “knows” there is a “silent majority” watching them.

“We are speaking for all Canadians and I know there is a silent majority — a silent majority out there that is looking at us. They want to be sure —they’re a little bit scared about their future,” he said.

“But we need to have the courage of our conviction. We need to show them that yes, fighting for what you believe, voting for what you believe — it’s great. It will bring back our country.”

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