Waterloo City Councillor Tenille Bonoguore apologizes after flipping the bird to anti-lockdown protesters

By: Broderick Visser

Written on: 2021-06-08

While several hundred anti-lockdown protesters gathered at the ‘True North Freedom Assembly,’ located at the Waterloo Public Square on Sunday, Waterloo City Councillor for Ward 7-Uptown, Tenille Bonoguore, flipped the bird to protesters.

This would have happened sometime around 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. Then, later that night, just before 5 p.m. she sent out her public apology to Twitter.

She continues saying;

“To ensure the maskless gathering – and the main speaker who had brought it together – registered my objection to the rally. Given the lack of masks and distancing, and the fact it was an illegal gathering, I needed to communicate my displeasure from a distance to ensure I was not breaking any lockdown laws. I did so masked, silent & distanced. I want to be clear that I was acting as a frustrated private citizen and not in my capacity as a city councillor. This was not a planned communication, but was completely spontaneous.”

Tenille Bonoguore, Ward 7-Uptown Waterloo City Councillor

“I recognize that the gesture I used was generally inappropriate in a civil society and not something I’d want my children to do. I apologize for this choice of gesture [end],” she Tweeted.

Tenille Bonoguore, Ward 7-Uptown Waterloo City Councillor

While Bonoguore claims her actions were spontaneous, for some, it didn’t seem spontaneous for someone who represents that specific ward where protests have been held once each week, for eight weeks in Waterloo.

Some on Twitter have asked her to resign and others say she was not acting as a private citizen, calling her behaviour “appalling.”

One Twitter user called her actions immature, saying she has “no leadership.”

A few users pointed out the fact that she had flipped the bird at her own constituents who pay her wages.

Many others had displeasure with her actions, while a number of others in her Twitter feed praised her for it.

Diverge Media has reached out to Bonoguore with questions and for comment but only received the following response;

“I am not speaking further with any media. My statement on Twitter is all I will be issuing. Regards, Tenille.”

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