VIDEO: Candice Bergen comments on Trudeau’s failed mask theatre at G7 and “not having to quarantine”

Deputy Leader of the Opposition and MP for Portage—Lisgar, Candice Bergen, commented on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s failed mask theatre while he was off in the UK for the 47th G7 Summit.

Trudeau may be one of the only G7 leaders who’s received only one dose of the vaccine. He was seen in many photo ops over the weekend masked and unmasked during his visit with other world leaders.

“Hobnobbing with the rich and famous”

“Well Mr. Speaker, what a weekend our Prime Minister had in the UK, hobnobbing with the rich and famous. He seemed to have forgotten his mask a few times and he won’t have to quarantine like everyone else when he gets home because after all there is one set of rules for our Prime Minister and another set of rules for everyone else,” said Bergen during question period on Monday.

Candice Bergen, MP for Portage—Lisgar, Leader of the Opposition

She then went on the attack regarding job losses, supply chains “crumbling” and skyrocketing housing prices.

“But while he was enjoying his wine and cheese back in Canada, our economy is shedding jobs, supply chains are crumbling and housing prices are skyrocketing. Instead of trying to impress celebrity friends — why isn’t the Prime Minister focussed on getting Canadians back to work?”

The budget implementation Bill C-30

Of course, Trudeau wasn’t available to respond so he had his Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Chrystia Freeland respond.

“If the Conservatives really care about the Canadian economy, If they really care about Canadian workers and if they really care about Canadian businesses, let me suggest one simple and very practical thing that they can do and that is support Bill C-30, the budget implementation bill.”

Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, MP for University—Rosedale

Freeland explained that Bill C-30, if passed, would extend the wage subsidy, rent support and the CERB benefits many Canadians are still receiving — a bill to give Canadians even more ‘free’ money.

“We need it to fight against COVID and punch our way out of the COVID recession. The Conservatives need to support it.”

“Embroiled in scandal”

Bergen responded with some shots at Trudeau, naming a bunch of his scandals and questionable acts as PM.

“Our Prime Minister is so embroiled in scandal, it’s not a doubt that he is not thinking about the economic storm that’s brewing here. He’s been very busy rewarding his friends at the WE Foundation, appointing Liberal donors as judges and covering up sexual misconduct in the military,” Bergen said.

Candice Bergen, MP for Portage—Lisgar, Leader of the Opposition

She then goes and explains mildly joking that he now has “no time left” to do the things he should have been doing instead of working on cover-ups.

“Now he’s got no time left to deal with issues like people losing their jobs and businesses shutting down …”

She then gets cut off for the third time during her question due to technical difficulties.

“Of course the Prime Minister isn’t thinking about the economy because he’s too busy dealing with all his scandals. Whether it’s the WE scandal, whether it’s appointing his Liberal donors as judges or covering up sexual misconduct in the military,” said Bergen.

Candice Bergen, MP for Portage—Lisgar, Leader of the Opposition

“Let’s be honest Mr. Speaker, it’s hard work for the Prime Minister to put the interests of Canadians first when he’s so focussed on polishing up his own image and helping out his Liberal friends,” she said.

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