VIDEO: Candice Bergen comments on Trudeau’s failed mask theatre at G7 and “not having to quarantine”

Candice Bergen commented on Trudeau’s failed mask theatre while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was off in the UK for the 47th G7 Summit.

“Well Mr. Speaker, what a weekend our Prime Minister had in the UK, hobnobbing with the rich and famous. He seemed to have forgotten his mask a few times…”

Agoraphobic tendencies on the rise due to social and physical distancing measures

Agoraphobic tendencies are on the rise — and its due to public health guidelines like social and physical distancing measures.

Bite-resistant clothing company reports record sales as violence against teachers soar

As violence against teachers increases around the world, BitePRO’s bite-resistant clothing is supplying educators an aid in the workplace while reporting record sales of their products.

STALEY: The governments plan for a new normal – a phone app to give you permission to live

STALEY: How do you get people on board with such a draconian overstep? How do you convince the populace that tyranny, and the stripping of their rights is the only way back to “normal”? The short answer is you don’t. To steal a company slogan, you “just do it.”