VIDEO: Heckler interrupts Trudeau — yells ‘Every Canadian is suffering, Justin”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke last week about the wildfire in BC, which destroyed most of Lytton.

In the middle of his press conference, he was interrupted by a heckler yelling at Trudeau and speaking his mind.

“Buy everybody out. This is bankrupting us. Canada is bankrupt!” The man first yelled.

Heckler interrupts Trudeau, calling him a “traitor to Canadians.”

Just before Trudeau went to continue his points in French after first summarizing in English is when you can hear the man off-screen yelling at Trudeau in the video.

“Every Canadian is suffering, Justin! You’re a traitor to Canadians!” The heckler said.

“That’s not fair. You’re just thinking of yourself!”

The heckler also yelled at Trudeau that he should be arrested. Trudeau continued speaking and giving some words in French — appearing unfazed and unsure how to react to the heckling, he just continued on with his remarks.

A reporter asked Trudeau, prior to the heckler, when the US-Canada border would once again open saying;

“Canadians still don’t know when we might see some movement in opening with the US border, I’m hoping you can provide an update for me as to how talks with the United States are going on that front … At this point do you anticipate having to keep the border with the US closed to non-essential travel past July 21?”

Trudeau responded by saying Canada is working closely with the US to ensure that “we’re aligned in our approach, keeping both our citizens safe, while ensuring economics opportunities and trade continues uninterrupted, as it has over the past year despite the border being closed to 90 per cent of travel.”

Last week he told Canadians they would be able to start travelling again if they were fully vaccinated.

“Canadians will be able to start fully travelling again if they’re fully vaccinated, and not have to quarantine when they come home.”

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