“No Jab, No Tab” — Oakville entertainment venue repeals vaccination status policy after backlash

By: Broderick Visser
Written: 2021-07-19

A live entertainment venue in Oakville, Ont., called ‘The Moonshine Cafe,’ has repealed a policy that would have made patrons provide proof of vaccination in order to sit indoors.

The policy displayed on a poster in a Facebook post read the following;

“As we move forward with limited indoor seating we will require proof of vaccination from everyone requesting to be seated indoors. This can be done by email or by showing the receipt hard copy or showing it on your phone. Thanks in advance for helping us stay safe and protecting others.”

Previous policy of The Moonshine Cafe

The policy didn’t sit so well with customers and others on their Facebook page as they received backlash.

One person posted calling it “discriminatory” and a “violation of medical privacy and human rights [and] the Nuremberg Code”

Another person said it was “too late” for the cafe calling it “straight discrimination.”

The cafe responded to the many comments and other posts made by Facebook users regarding the policy by repealing it and apologizing.

“RETRACTION OF POLICY: I would like to state that my intention was not to create controversy and I thank those who engaged and those who took the time to speak with me. On the issues of privacy, human rights and discrimination I apologize to anyone who was offended. We are not open for indoor service as of today. Rest assured we will not be raising the subject of Vaccinations Status with patrons when we do open,” read the Facebook post by the Oakville entertainment cafe.

Facebook apology by The Moonshine Cafe.

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