Calgary MP asks Trudeau to refrain from filling Senate vacancies

By: Broderick Visser
Written on 2021-07-27

Conservative MP for Calgary Heritage, Bob Benzen wrote to Trudeau on Monday asking him to “refrain from filling these vacancies until Albertans have been able to express their preferences.”

Benzen began the letter by noting that Alberta will be holding their municipal elections in the fall.

“On October 18, 2021, Alberta will be holding its municipal elections. At the same time, Albertans will vote their fifth Senate nominee election, freely choosing those they would like to see represent them in Parliament’s Upper House.”

Bob Benzn, MP, Calgary Heritage

He also noted that there are two vacancies for Senators from Alberta and that he wishes the people of Alberta to pick — not Trudeau.

“There are currently two vacancies for Senators from Alberta. I would respectfully ask you to refrain from filling these vacancies until Albertans have been able to express their preferences. Should you eventually be called upon to fill these vacancies once the Senate nominee elections have been held, I would further ask that you choose our new Senators from those whom Albertans have selected as their representatives.”

Bob Benzn, MP, Calgary Heritage

While Trudeau has repeatedly shown through his actions that he doesn’t respect the West — Carbon Taxes and failed pipelines — he states otherwise, that he respects Alberta and the West, Benzen noted.

“You have frequently stated that you respect Alberta and the West. I can think of no more fitting way for you to demonstrate that respect than to honour the democratically expressed will of the people of Alberta.”

Bob Benzn, MP, Calgary Heritage

You can view the letter via Bob Benzen’s Twitter below;

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