*Opinion* We are on a very dangerous path – We’re repeating history with the vaccine passport

By: Greg Staley

Written On: 2021-07-28

Hitler didn’t begin his heinous plan of exterminating the Jewish people by rounding them up and bringing them straight to the extermination camps – no he started with decrees that slowly chipped away at the rights and humanity of the Jewish people within Germany. By doing this, it made it easier to sway the masses that the monstrosities against the Jewish people that would later come were justified. Over time, through these decrees, Jews would be relegated to life as second-class citizens and they were eventually rounded up and systematically murdered by the Nazi Reich.

I know most don’t like having these types of conversations but it’s time to sit down and view our actions concerning Covid-19 through the lens of the past (let the accusations of conspiracy theorist roll in). I believe when the people of any nation allow for open discrimination against any group of people to come from their government (or any group) that it will lead to more discrimination over time. I believe it would be best to stop travelling down roads that look similar to the past if we are to avoid echoing the most sinister parts of our human history.

Access to businesses – Parallels 

Although it may be a hard pill to swallow, it can be argued that some of our governments actions today echo the actions of Hitler’s and the Third Reich’s in their efforts to isolate and belittle the Jewish people before systematically killing them. For instance, in 1938 Hitler passed a law that relegated Jews in Germany to an inferior status to that of Germans (think of language around unvaccinated) by denying them common “privileges” and freedoms. This prevented Jewish people from access to certain city areas, transportation, places of amusement and restaurants – and even restricted access to certain sidewalks.

In the same year that Hitler passed the law that precluded Jewish people from having access to common “privileges and freedoms” he also passed a law that forbade them to practice medicine, law and excluded them from practicing business or economic life in Germany in general. Today, some are calling for “no jab no job” and want unvaccinated people to be prevented access to the same facilities as vaccinated individuals. If this was implemented, it would effectively preclude unvaccinated people from participating in business and economic life. Now under the current vaccine passport in Israel you could get tested religiously and still participate in society – but many don’t have the money or time and most don’t want to be constantly prodded with a faulty PCR test that only has interim approval, that can turn their life upside down after picking up Influenza, bacteria or Covid-19 – all of which may not even be infectious!

Some will be quick to say but Greg, you can’t choose your ethnicity or whom you were born to! Yes, that is true just like it you can’t choose if you have a health issue that precludes you from taking the Covid vaccine – but denial of services will be the same regardless of an individual’s circumstances. There are many other reasons that an individual may make the personal decision to refuse a Covid vaccine. Ultimately, the question of mandating a vaccine comes down to the following question; “do we treat humans like animals?” If we treat humans like animals we don’t care if a few die for the “greater good” of all the other animals on the farm, do we? What are a few life-altering adverse reactions when it comes to the “greater good?” What is a few deaths from a Covid vaccine when it comes to the “greater good?”

The issue with this line of thinking is that it dehumanizes people and dilutes their value to only what they can give to the state and others – it doesn’t include the inherent value they possess because they’re human beings. Because humans have inherent value they get to have a choice – regardless of how great the fear is from the other animals on the farm or how politically convenient it is to scapegoat them. Now to be clear, I am in no way suggesting that we are about to be rounded up or that what is going on is anywhere comparable to the suffering that Jewish people faced under the Hitler regime – I am merely communicating to you that we are on a very dangerous path. History doesn’t repeat itself verbatim but instead it echoes.

I will leave you with a sombre warning. If we do not stand up now and stop the talks of open discrimination and segregation based on whether or not someone has gotten a Covid vaccine – society will move on to other forms of discrimination. Forcing citizens to vaccinate with an interim approved vaccine by using coercion as a method is simply wrong. It would be naïve to assume that if we’re willing as a society to commit this wrong because we feel it is for the “greater good” that we as a society wouldn’t permit other wrongdoing from our government and unelected health officials for the “greater good.”

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Published by Greg Staley

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