Ph.D. educated most likely to be Covid vaccine-hesitant – Pre-print study

By: Greg Staley

Written On: 2021-08-12

Photo by Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz on Unsplash

According to a pre-print study released in medRxiv, of the over 5 million U.S adults that took an online survey used to evaluate change in vaccine intent and explore the reasons for vaccine hesitancy – those that reported being Ph.D. educated were the most likely to report Covid vaccine hesitancy. This data should be interpreted with caution as the peer-review process has not yet occurred for this study.

The study had users complete an online Covid-19 survey. A total of 5,121,436 Americans took the survey. The most impactful finding of the survey was that “the association between hesitancy and education level followed a U-shaped curve with the lowest hesitancy among those with a master’s degree and the highest hesitancy among those with a Ph.D.” This seems to debunk the myth that “anti-vaxxers” are a bunch of uneducated high school dropouts and instead illustrates a very different narrative. It isn’t the least educated in society who are the most vaccine-hesitant – it’s the smartest in society questioning the narrative the most.

Definately/Probably won’t get vaccinated – reasons given

The most common reasons given for being likely to decline a Covid-19 vaccination if “offered it today” were being concerned about possible side effects (49.2%), not trusting the Covid-19 vaccines (49.1%) and not trusting the government (42.7%). Another interesting finding of the study was that adults who reported not being worried at all about getting themselves or someone else sick from Covid-19 had a much higher likelihood of working outside of the home. It’s almost as if those living in the real world and interacting with people daily had less fear when it came to the virus. It was also found that those who had reported not receiving a flu vaccine were “224% more likely to be COVID-19 vaccine-hesitant.”

The study also said that “among those who definitely would not get vaccinated today, results suggest the existence of a subgroup with entrenched hesitancy and high distrust of government that may be hard to reach.” It will be hard to build trust as our government continually changes the narrative.

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