North Korean defector Yeonmi Park speaks on the UN, western hypocrisy

Just over a week ago, Joe Rogan had North Korean defector, Yeonmi Park, on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, to speak on various issues facing the people of North Korea, China’s role in keeping North Korea afloat, her experience with the UN and the hypocrisy being spewed from the mouths of western politicians.

Park’s experience with the United Nations

She referred to the way the western world behaves when it comes to environmental teachings and how that type of behaviour could be used to raise awareness of the issues in and surrounding North Korea.

“If they start demanding the politicians and the world leaders and companies to be conscious and act β€” I think this is at this point my only hope is individuals. I have stopped trying to talk to UN, I don’t even give talks anymore at the UN,” said Park.

Yeonmi Park, North Korean Defector.

Park explained her past experiences while speaking at the UN, at times calling them “dumb.”

“In September, [at] the human rights general assembly meeting β€” how dumb of them β€” they literally put me along, right next to North Korean delegation team,” said Park. So these five guys from North Korean delegation team are swearing at me β€” and the UN that’s what they do β€” that’s how dumb they are.

Park says in that scary situation she had zero security or protection with her.

She also pointed out the hypocrisy of who decides who are human rights violators at the UN.

She mentions how she’s met western politicians like Nancy Pelosi, but they seem to care more about what gets them votes like “the systemic oppression that is happening in America more,” said Park.

Western hypocrisy

“But why some slavery matters over some other slavery?”

Rogan asked Park how she feels that China doesn’t get enough pushback from the US and politicians for supporting North Korea.

“What does that feel like to you when you see this β€” knowing what you went through β€” and not only knowing what you went through but the fact that you talk about this openly, you talk about it in your book that came out in 2015 and you speak about it as often as possible but yet there’s not a lot of support especially from political leaders β€” no one is stepping up to say your story,” he said.

“It’s total hypocrisy. I mean all these people in America talk about how slavery is wrong. I agree slavery is the worst thing that we can do to another human being. “But why is some slavery matters over some other slavery? All these corporations talking about how they do not support the bigotry and racism and slavery β€” it’s happening right now in China and they have business in China,” said Park.

Yeonmi Park, North Korean Defector.

“This is the thing, when Hulu made a movie about … Kim Jong Nam’s assassination three years ago in Malaysia,” she said. ” Hulu was supporting to make that movie … but when the Hulu was bought by Disney β€” Disney wanted Hulu to drop that movie. So that movie couldn’t be shown in Hulu.”

Reception from UN talks, Persecution of Falun Gong and Uyghurs in China

“When you spoke at the UN what was the reception like?” Rogan asked Park.

“Oh they are saying this is the west propaganda trying to interfere other people’s autonomy. ‘North Korea’s a state of their own you should not interfere the other peoples affairs.’ That’s still to this day China’s narrative. They don’t ask us what we are doing to … Uyghurs or Falun Gong or like organ trafficking β€” all of that,” she said.

Yeonmi Park, North Korean Defector.

“When North Korean’s go to China … worst case is they take us and they take our organs out and we die.”

Park went on to say they will take your eyes, heart, kidneys, liver β€” “all of it,” she said.

“In China you ordered organ β€” it gets to you in three hours β€” how is that possible? How’d somebody dies miraculously in three hours for you? In China, do you know how many hospitals are built for the organ transfer in China? This is the biggest revenue right now being built in China.”

She went on to explain that a lot of people from middle eastern countries will go to China for organ replacements and not even bat an eye.

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