Has Canada Become a Prison Without Walls?

By: Gillian Davis

Published on: 04-16-2022

Unless you can walk or drive a personal vehicle, you cannot go anywhere within the country and you certainly can’t leave it.  Some businesses won’t let you in.  You cannot practise your profession and you could lose your professional designation.  Your children cannot attend regular schooling, sports or social activities.  Higher education will not accept you.  Your government, the one you have paid taxes to your entire life, now says that you are unclean and unfit for society.  The leader of the country publicly queries “How long will we tolerate these people”.  And yet they still won’t allow you to escape, and your fellow citizens say nothing against these abuses. 

If this were happening in a third world dictatorship, we would decry the injustice, but it’s happening right here at home to the unvaccinated in Canada.  Detractors have argued that the unvaccinated could solve their problems if they would just get vaccinated but it isn’t that simple.  They also say, that the unvaccinated are being selfish and putting others at risk from the spread of Covid, but is that really true?

Over 80% of the population is ‘fully vaccinated’, which means that only 20% are not.  Those 20% have many reasons for not wanting to inject themselves with a ‘vaccine’ that doesn’t actually fit the former definition of a inoculation and looks more like some kind of therapeutic at best.  The ‘vaccine’ does not prevent COVID-19.  According to Pfizer, it is supposed to prevent the severity of the illness.  It does not prevent the spread of COVID-19 either as many people who have three jabs are spreading the illness. 

Reasons For Not Getting The Jab

The myriad of reasons for not getting the jab include, personal health concerns that don’t conveniently fit into exemption status.  There are some that have been denied medical exemptions despite their own doctor recommending they don’t get the jab.  The reason the doctors won’t sign off on an exemption is because of the threat of losing their medical licenses and their entire career that they worked so hard for.  Some have had personal experience with vaccine injuries.  These vaccine injuries are not being talked about in the media and should be part of informed consent.  When you are only being told that the vaccines are safe and harmless, and Justin Trudeau is nearly giddy at getting his jab, you would think that the information is complete – the fact is that the vaccines have caused more injuries than previous medications that have been pulled off the market.  The only reason these ones have not, is because the pharmaceutical companies hold no liability for harms caused by these ‘vaccines’. 

For some, it is a religious or personal conviction.  Some are against the vaccine because of the fetal tissue used while others are committed to maintaining their bodies as a ‘pure’ temple.  While some of these people are against all vaccines, others are just not comfortable with the contents of these particular injectables.  And yet others are just not convinced that these ‘vaccines’ have been proven effective and completely safe.

The Changing of the Definition of Vaccine

Recently the CDC changed the definition of vaccine:

Before Covid:  “a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease”

New definition:  “a preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.”

It’s a subtle difference and yet the effect is substantial.  It changes ‘stimulating the body’s immune system to produce immunity’ to ‘stimulating the immune response against disease’.  One talks about immunity, the other removes the desired outcome and the entire reason for a vaccine. 

The Covid-19 Numbers Game

Hospitalization Stats, Vaccinated vs. unvaccinated, dying with or from Covid…trying to follow the numbers on all of these is problematic.  The information keeps changing including the way it’s being reported.  Early on in the pandemic, people who simply tested positive for Covid, regardless of what they died from, were reported as a Covid death.  That has since, and very quietly changed.  The death toll has gradually rolled backward as health authorities around the world have been forced to correct their numbers. 

Hunting for the amount of people who have been ‘vaccinated’ and have contracted Covid are also hard to nail down.  In some instances case counts are reported without ‘vaccine status’, in other instances a full breakdown is given. 

It’s also interesting to note that the case counts haven’t changed significantly as the number of people fully vaccinated has climbed.  It’s made little to no difference in the spread of Covid and certainly hasn’t eliminated a persons risk of getting it.

Marginalization of a Certain Class

As we currently argue over and attempt to legislate “Diversity, Inclusion and Equity” we simultaneously allow people of different vaccine status or political alignment to be marginalized, maligned and their human rights restricted.  These are not the hallmarks of a liberal democracy, but the erosion of it.  When does the intolerance end and the compassionate common sense return to the people of Canada?  Afterall , we are supposed to be the ‘nice’ people and pride ourselves on being open and accepting of everyone, aren’t we?

What YOU Can Do Now:

1) Inform yourself about all aspects of Covid and the jabs.  Keep an open mind and ensure you have all the facts, not just the easily available information.

2) Call your local MP, MLA/MPP and let them know that whether you support the marginalization of your fellow citizens or not.  Inform them of the reasons for not being jabbed, the numbers game and how history seems to be repeating itself – the more you speak out, the more likely things will change.

3) And, as always – support independent media, like Diverge Media, who bring you real information you can use to make-up your own mind.

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