The Infamous Patrick Brown – Disqualified From the CPC Leadership Race

In the statement from Ian Brodie, Chair of the Leadership Election Organization Committee (LEOC), he says:

“In recent weeks, our Party became aware of serious allegations of wrongdoing by the Patrick Brown campaign that appear to violate the financial provisions of the Canada Elections Act. Following our Rules and Procedures for the 2022 Leadership, the Chief Returning Officer notified the Patrick Brown campaign of the allegations and asked for a written response. He also withheld the interim membership list from the Patrick Brown campaign.”

This isn’t the first time Patrick Brown has become notorious for less than ethical behaviours.  Rebel News has repeatedly reported on Mr. Brown’s hijinks during the pandemic:

  • locking children out of playing in playgrounds and their favourite team sports,
  • monitoring and enforcing social distancing among mourners in graveyards and,
  • was caught with his hockey bag at a hockey game, yet insisted he wasn’t there to play. 

In a recent investigation the Rebel looked into allegations that Mayor Patrick Brown had Brampton city employees working on his campaign when they were supposed to be working for the city.  Could this have been part of LEOC’s decision to disqualify Mr. Brown?

Infamous, notorious, mischievous…these are a few words that one might use to describe now former CPC leadership candidate, Patrick Brown.  This is not his first brush with controversy and considering that he doesn’t seem to learn from his mistakes, it’s unlikely that it will be his last.

Back when Patrick Brown was a Barrie-Area MP there were allegations of sexual misconduct.  Although CTV News, who first reported the incident retracted part of the story, stating some information reported was “factually incorrect”, the alleged victims insist their statements were true.  Brown was forced to resign as leader of the Ontario PCs because of the bad press that accompanied these allegations.

With Patrick Brown there always seems to be more controversies.  In addition to the CTV story, Ontario’s integrity commissioner reprimanded Brown for “deliberately” failing to disclose rental income and a $375,000 loan on his Lake Simcoe home.

In a statement from the Brown campaign regarding his recent disqualification from the leadership race, Brown is emphatic about how he has been mistreated and not given due process.  He says that the Conservative Party HQ want Pierre Poilievre to win so badly that they have, in essence, cheated Brown and thousands of Canadians out of a democratic contest. Brown insists that he was the frontrunner in terms of points (confirming usucapions that he, like Jean Charest have been using a points manipulation system in their campaigns). Within hours of the disqualification, however, more controversy has swarmed around Brown as Members of Brampton city council have spoken out about “a clear and alarming pattern of behaviour.”

Brown likes to play the victim in so many of these scandals he gets himself embroiled in.  He has yet to take personal responsibility for any of these prior scandals and when ‘caught in the act’ of bad behaviour, he runs to the police and demands protection from harassment.  This is not the behaviour of a man who is above board and the fact that controversy seems to cling to him like bees to honey…well perhaps there is some fire where all the smoke is coming from?

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