Convoy lawyer insinuates Convoy organizer stole crypto – with no proof

By: Greg Staley

Written On 2022-12-0

Keith Wilson, the convoy lawyer who may be under an investigation by the Law Society of Alberta for his retweeting of a “blackface Hitler” post that compared Hitler to Trudeau has insinuated that BJ Dichter of the Convoy organizers stole roughly $800,000 worth of crypto in communications with Diverge Media.

In email communications with Diverge Media, Mr. Wilson wrote:

“Regarding the crypto, it’s simple. BJ and St. Louis turned over the seed phrases etc for the crypto that had not been “distributed”. There was $800,000 in crypto that was allegedly “distributed” out in $1,000 increments in envelopes to truckers. That $800,000 has not been accounted for. No one knows who received these envelopes.”

That’s one hell of an insinuation to make about someone with absolutely zero proof but Mr. Wilson didn’t seem to have an issue doing it. For the record, the same could be said about all the cash that was handed out at the protest as well. Should we be surprised though? After all, Mr. Wilson was making deals with Doug Ford’s former Chief of Staff and good friend Dean French without notifying the Freedom Convoy board that he was doing so.

Professionalism is something that seems to be lacking from Mr. Wilson and the insinuation of the theft of $800,000 in cryptocurrency with zero proof is just another notch in that belt.

Article: Staley: Was the Freedom Convoy compromised?

I mean that’s a big no-no as a lawyer – you’re supposed to take your direction from the client. You don’t just decide to do things without notifying your clients and getting agreement from them and you especially don’t involve one of the worst lockdown/covid policy offenders (Doug Ford) good friend in making a “deal” without their knowledge. For crying out loud, it’s been stated numerous times that the protest was to end all mandates – many of those mandates were brought in by Doug Ford! But hey, let’s involve his good friend to help make a “deal” with the city! Cause that will show Trudeau somehow!

I guess we should be careful what we say because we might receive another veiled threat (our view) of defamation from Mr. Wilson for speaking the truth. How ironic is it that someone representing the “freedom convoy” so quickly resorted to making veiled threats to an independent Conservative media outlet for asking hard questions that he didn’t like?

I guess it’s a good thing that truth is a perfect defense to defamation. For the record, we have asked Mr. Wilson for the minutes of the alleged meeting and were never provided them. What we did receive however was 3 board members informing us that they weren’t aware of this “deal” with French’s involvement and that no vote ever took place on the matter. In essence, 3 people belonging to the Freedom Convoy board actively debunked Mr. Wilson’s version of events.

We reached out to Mr. Wilson for this article but received no response.

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