Trump legally challenges all of Biden’s claimed states

The American Election – It has the world hushed with anticipation. None more eagerly await the result of the Presidency than the American people – but results may take a while. Trump has just announced on Twitter he is going to legally challenge all of the Biden claimed states for voter and election fraud – butContinue reading “Trump legally challenges all of Biden’s claimed states”

*Bombshell* Ontario runs PCR tests at fraudulent amplification levels

Public Health phone call — Today as I was on the phone with public health, I was met with a staggering slip by the person on the other end — Ontario is running their PCR testing at 40 amplification cycles. This was confirmed not once, but twice in the phone call. I then pressed theContinue reading “*Bombshell* Ontario runs PCR tests at fraudulent amplification levels”

Not all legions agree – Let the public show their support this Remembrance day

COVID — It has everyone afraid to speak their mind in fear of what their fellow citizens might say or do. Will they jump down your throat if you share a genuinely held belief about the current circumstances? Unfortunately, the answer is you don’t really know — so most just don’t talk. For those courageousContinue reading “Not all legions agree – Let the public show their support this Remembrance day”

WATCH: People say if they think children should go trick-or-treating | Beat On The Street #1

This Halloween, Diverge Media decided to go out and ask people of the Kitchener-Waterloo region whether they think children should still be allowed to go trick-or-treating despite government officials telling people to do otherwise.

Nearly 2/3rds of young adults report worsening mental health during COVID

The biggest impact on Canadians mental health seems to be anxiety around finances – the concern of not being able to meet their financial obligations.

If you can go to Walmart — you can go honour the troops in person this Remembrance Day

All across this great nation — the legions appear to have been instructed to not advertise their ceremonies publicly to avoid “large gatherings.” The irony of this is gut wrenching. Don’t come to an outdoor event to honour our veterans and troops because COVID is too dangerous. Meanwhile hundreds herd themselves into their local Walmarts daily to obtain whatever their hearts desire.

Crime severity has increased every year since Trudeau’s liberals took power

The crime severity index has increased every year under Justin Trudeau’s liberals.

STALEY: How to fake a “pandemic”

Staley writes: “Act like you care about Canadians health while withholding information that could keep them healthy. Roughly 80 per cent of deaths have occurred in long term care facilities and retirement homes, but still continually blame the public for this — in spite of over 20 years of government reports drawing attention to the need for vast improvements in these homes. Shift the blame from your government to the citizens — this will make it seem like their actions are the culprit, not yours.”

The Great Reset — How the elite plan to use COVID to change everything

I refuse to act like I have no choice in the future. I refuse to be silent. I will speak boldly on the dystopian plans the elite have for humanity — and I won’t apologize either.

Where’d the flu go 2020? — Australia

“This means that although in 2020 Covid was tested for 685.71% more than for influenza, still influenza yielded more positives for the same time period (4 vs 0 covid).”