Release jailed pastor and end religious persecution! JCCF asks Alberta Premier Kenney

JFFC has asked Alberta Premier Jason Kenney to release James Coates and rescind the health orders of the Chief Medical Officer.

Coates has been jailed for exercising his Charter freedoms of conscience, religion, association and peaceful assembly.

Agoraphobic tendencies on the rise due to social and physical distancing measures

Agoraphobic tendencies are on the rise — and its due to public health guidelines like social and physical distancing measures.

VIDEO: Protest at Red Deer, Alta. courthouse in support of Whistle Stop Café

A protest of roughly 75 gathered outside the Red Deer, Alta. courthouse Wednesday in support of the Whistle Stop Café in Mirror who has defied public health orders and stayed open with in-person dining.

OMA: Ford must act immediately to end long-term care humanitarian crisis

Eight months after a CAF report showed disturbing and horrific conditions within Ontario’s long-term care homes — the Ontario Medical Association is telling Doug Ford that he must act immediately “to end the humanitarian crisis ravaging Ontario’s long-term care homes.”

“Looming drug shortages,” Ontario’s doctors warn due to COVID

Ontario’s doctors are warning of drug shortages due to “COVID cases skyrocketing and hospital admissions rising.”

The Ontario Medical Association is suggesting ways governments can fix these problems before they get worse.

From cooking for the Queen to Canada’s coffee shop — meet Chef Tallis Voakes, the new culinary lead for Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons has a new culinary lead, let’s hope he does great things and improves the menu for customers — he definitely has the experience.

Thousands of aquaculture jobs to be lost as DFO Minister flipflops her opinion on B.C. salmon farms in the Discovery Islands

Above feature photo from Kaitlin Guitard’s Facebook page. By mid-2022, all salmon farms in the Discovery Islands of British Columbia B.C. will have to be closed. Currently, there are 19 salmon farms located in the Discovery Island region — with nine that are already empty. Regardless, all 19 farms will have their licenses renewed forContinue reading “Thousands of aquaculture jobs to be lost as DFO Minister flipflops her opinion on B.C. salmon farms in the Discovery Islands”

Fined $2,800 for exercising his charter rights — Mark Friesen isn’t stepping down

$2,800 — That’s how much Mark Friesen was fined for exercising his charter rights. The intimidation tactics for those speaking against the narrative continues to ramp up. How will Canadians who believe in freedom respond?

Freedom isn’t free — and many are paying the price already.

Mr. Friesen won’t be — he’ll be fighting it in court — with the legal fees he’s gathered through a GoFundMe.

Author Jasbir Singh on how Islam and Hindu religions have “degraded the status of women”

WATCH: Author Jasbir Singh talk about how the religions of Islam and Hinduism have degraded the status of women in India.

Also watch Singh talk about the mindset in many Indian men and how rare it is for them to see a woman in a bikini.

How does / should that mindset change when they come to Canada?

Watch to find out.

Friday the 13th in Port Dover – 2020

Port Dover, Friday the 13th – After the crowds were urged by Norfolk County to stay away from Port Dover this Friday the 13th – they appear to have received their wish, mostly. Port Dover was still busier than usual on this past Friday the 13th – but a far cry from what crowds normally turnContinue reading “Friday the 13th in Port Dover – 2020”