STALEY: Erin O’Toole snubs Derek Sloan of cabinet position

The Conservative Party Of Canada OTTAWA — Erin O’Toole has announced his shadow cabinet and it’s hard to understand why Derek Sloan isn’t a part of it.

By any measure Derek Sloan ran a better campaign than most had anticipated. Considered by many to be too inexperienced, Sloan proved himself capable during the Conservative Leadership Race. During live-streams while reaching out to potential voters, he would greet many by name as they joined the live-stream to ask him questions.

He spoke his mind and ran on the slogan “Conservative. Without Apology.” He said he would “stop corporate welfare” and “invest at home” by ending funding to the W.H.O ($850 million) and bailout funding for media ($600 million), in addition to sending money overseas for abortions ($750 million).

He was also very vocal against some components of the COVID narrative. He stated openly during the race he was against mandatory vaccines and face masks. He was very bold when he stated “I will introduce legislation to prevent any level of government from making mask-wearing or vaccines mandatory. I will not permit a general, economy-destroying lock-down again.”

Perhaps it’s exactly because of this statement and his unwillingness to compromise his values that Mr. Sloan has now found himself excluded from the Conservative Party’s shadow cabinet. You wouldn’t want someone in your cabinet who has been vocal about explosive political points that your own party is unwilling to debate, right?

As Erin O’Toole takes over the reigns of the Conservative Party we can only hope that the exclusion of Derek Sloan from cabinet is not a sign of things to come for social-conservatives. Is there still place in the Conservative Party of Canada for like minded individuals who share many values in common with Mr. Sloan?

It definitely doesn’t feel like it anymore.

Published by Greg Staley

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