STALEY: Doug Ford’s hypocrisy — follow your draconian measures or get rid of them

The most inappropriate place to mandate a mask is a funeral.

— Greg Staley

At the funeral – We approached the location of our beloved family member, the funeral was being held outdoors — although I wasn’t particularly surprised. The burial site was rowed with fold out chairs, but only enough to seat roughly 25 people. The grave-site was only distinguished by the inward facing of the fold out chairs towards it and a small pop up tent that sat over the open grave.

As we got out of the car our conversation began to shift.

“Why are they mandating masks at an outdoor event and of all places to do it, why at a funeral?,” I said to my wife and brother. At this point, one of the funeral staff found it appropriate to interject herself into our conversation to lecture us about the rules.

“Sir, we require masks and your name and phone number for contact tracing – to ensure everyone’s safety it’s what the government has told us to do.” Rather frustrated by this I then responded “that’s nice, it’s not going to happen!”

This irritated the funeral worker who then proceeded to try to re-arrange the structure of her sentence in an attempt to gain my compliance.

“Sir this is just what the Government of Canada has told us to do and we need to follow these rules to be in compliance with that.” I responded with “that’s nice, it’s not going to happen! Are you going to take me out of here by force?” The women huffed in frustration and stormed away to address other attendees approaching the funeral to ensure of their compliance.

At the funeral, I was further angered by the mandating of masks when it became time for the speeches about my wife’s grandmother – Beryl. My mother-in-law spoke for about five to 10 minutes, then the pastor asked if anyone else would like to say some words. I looked around to a sea of sunglasses and masks — you could see no emotion on anyone, it was all hidden.

It was at this point in the time the pastor took time to further cram the COVID policies into the attendees. “We may not be able to hug one another right now because of COVID, but you need to know we are always being hugged by Jesus.” I wish I was kidding when I say that — it actually happened. (But we hugged each other regardless).

I Was Angry — No one declared any desire to speak about the woman that had united a family for an entire lifetime. I referred to her as the “Gorilla Glue” of the family, everything stuck to Grandma. Family gatherings all centred around Grandma’s house, a place always filled with love.

Why would I expect anyone else to speak? Humans need to see each other’s faces to understand what they are feeling. We bounce emotions off one another, we feel what other people feel. Seeing another’s tears allows for us to cry. Seeing another person struggle to hold their emotions back gives us permission to let ours out more.

The most inappropriate place to mandate a mask is a funeral. However maybe you agree with the restrictions the funeral staff placed on the service. That’s fine, but then you need to demand answers from our Premier who was caught mask-less and not socially distanced at an outdoor wedding.

Why is it one set of rules for the everyday Canadian and another set for the elite like Mr. Ford? Why is he allowed to enjoy the joy of attending a wedding and seeing smiling faces unmasked in all their glory, but I was told it was mandatory at an outdoor funeral because the government said so?

In addition, this guy has the audacity to come out and say “we’re coming after you” if people ignore quarantine rules. Perhaps people are ignoring quarantine rules because people in positions of power keep flaunting non-compliance in our face while demanding our compliance to draconian measures Mr. Ford.

A little food for thought Mr. Premier. Isn’t it more important to grieve at a funeral without a mask on than it is to party hardy at a wedding? If you want people to follow these draconian measures shouldn’t you follow them yourself? Maybe I’m asking for too much. I mean asking a leader to follow the draconian rules they set out for everyone else — ridiculous!

Mr. Ford, if you’re not going to follow your draconian measures, then get rid of them!

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Published by Greg Staley

Greg Staley is a husband and a father to 4 beautiful girls. He is the owner of Diverge Media and takes pride in telling the stories that matter - even if they may be unpopular. In addition to writing, editing, and producing videos and articles for Diverge, Mr. Staley also works full-time on a farm. Mr. Staley is working hard to be able to pursue Diverge Media full-time and wholeheartedly believes that it will become a reality in the near-future with the support of the readers/viewers of Diverge Media.