Who cares what the models say Doug!

September 14 — Premier Ford and his staff come out to make announcement at Queen’s Park. In Ford’s appeal to the Ontario public to avoid social gatherings, a reference is made to how scary “the models” look — this is ridiculous.

Why are we still here discussing what a damn model says?

Let us remind you that it is only models that declare asymptomatic people can spread the virus at a high and efficient rate, while in reality the actual known studies show asymptomatic spread to be very rare — at less than five to 10 per cent spread.

Now we must ask dare I say it, a logical question in regards to this — Why is our government focusing in on the smallest part responsible for public outbreaks of COVID and other respiratory illnesses?

One word — fear.

If they can keep you afraid, they can keep you compliant. People who are afraid don’t ask questions, and when they do ask questions — they tend not to ask the correct ones.

Now, you’ll likely want to stop me at this point and say something to the effect of “what about pre-symptomatic spread?” You mean that clever word play that means asymptomatic or before symptoms? There is no in-between, you either have some symptoms like a runny nose, cough, loss of smell, or you don’t. You’re either asymptomatic or symptomatic.

This clever word play is being used to justify the insertion of modelling predictions that predict the highest possible numbers of potential death and infection, instead of focusing on what is known. They want us talking about modelling numbers and not the statistical facts of this virus — it’s much easier to keep up the charade that way.

Relinquish the fear

School and kids Perhaps you’re worried about sending your kid back to school because of the virus? Why should you be worried when more children have died from the flu this year than have died from COVID? Did you fear any of the previous flu seasons with your children?

“44 COVID-19 deaths were reported in 42,846 confirmed cases in those aged 0–19 years (0–14 in USA). This compares with 13,200 estimated deaths from all-causes, including 1056 from unintentional injury and 308 from lower respiratory tract infection (107 from influenza). The situation in each country was almost identical and in accordance with early data from China, i.e. COVID rarely kills children, even compared with influenza.”

Well perhaps you say I’m not worried about my child’s safety, its about Grandpa, Grandma and myself! Insert hand washing and staying away from others when symptomatic, two of the most efficient methods to prevent the spread of any virus. In addition if masks are so effective just wear one around the vulnerable when in close proximity for prolonged periods of time when you’re in enclosed spaces. If masks are so effective — why be afraid at all?

On that note if you don’t have pre-comorbidities like high blood pressure and diabetes, then your chance of having an adverse effect or dying from COVID fall astronomically!

“Almost 80% of the 123 Covid-19 deaths Mkhize reported on 2 May were people over the age of 50. The average age of death was 64 and most deaths – almost a quarter – were of people aged 60 to 69. A study of 3,200 Covid-19 deaths in Italy found that a massive 98.8% of all those who had died had at least one comorbidity. Almost three-quarters had hypertension, while a third had diabetes. The average age of patients was 78.

“Almost 90% of US patients hospitalized during March had one or more underlying conditions. The top five were hypertension (49.7%), obesity (48.3%), chronic lung disease (34.6%), type 2 diabetes (28.3%), and cardiovascular disease (27.8%), according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).”

Another way of looking into this data is to think about it like this – the best thing you can do to protect against COVID is address any underlying health conditions you may have and begin your path to a healthier life. Go exercise, eat better, and socialize with others, as these are all key components of wellness.

Under the age of 65 – and have no pre-comorbidities? What do the statistics say about your risk from COVID? Well here is what we know. We know that less then 11 per cent of COVID deaths have occurred in the under 65 category. The majority of COVID deaths in Canada have occurred in long-term care homes. Over 89 per cent of COVID deaths in Canada occurred in individuals over the age of 70. 71 per cent of COVID deaths in Canada are above the 80 age bracket. We also know that of those that passed away from COVID, the vast majority had a pre-comorbidity like hypertension, diabetes, and obesity or multiple combinations together at the same time.

From https://health-infobase.canada.ca/covid-19/epidemiological-summary-covid-19-cases.html
Politics has reached medicine

We like to think that the field of medicine and science is a field where only the best ideas excel and all possibilities are explored. This is hardly the case. Politics has reached the realm of the “un-corruptable” sciences, recently the respected medical journal The Lancet had to retract a study they had made on Hydroxychloroquine.

The source of their data wouldn’t give up their information for third party review – a crucial part in any peer review process. You need to invite people to review your work in order to prove that the information is correct and allow for corrections during the process — this was not done.

Unintended consequences

Child abuse

I recently did an article covering Operation Underground Railroad’s founder Tim Ballard and the questions he discussed during a recent question and answer session. He said there have been “millions” of additional reports to the national hotline for trafficking and exploitation. In addition he talked about how pedophiles love the lock-down, even referring to it as “harvest time”. This is because the children and predators were home as a result of COVID policy. Infrastructure like school and extra curricular activities are important to protect societies most vulnerable.

Conflicting expert advice

Don’t wear a mask we were told at the height of the “pandemic” only to be told after the curve had been flattened that masks were now mandatory in most places in Canada. This is not to mention that for all the praising of masks that public officials do, they don’t exactly tell you about their downfalls, even though they know about them.

“Potential increased risk of self-contamination due to the manipulation of a face mask and subsequently touching eyes with contaminated hands;• potential self-contamination that can occur if non-medical masks are not changed when wet or soiled. This can create favourable conditions for microorganism to amplify;• potential headache and/or breathing difficulties, depending on type of mask used;• potential development of facial skin lesions, irritant dermatitis or worsening acne, when used frequently for long hours;• difficulty with communicating clearly.”

This is discussed by Denis Randcourt of the Ontario Civil Liberties Association in his letter to the Director General of the World Health Organization as well as the British Medical Journal. So on one hand you have the “government approved experts” saying masks are super effective at reducing the spread and on the other many other experts lining up with information that directly contradicts that message.

The British Medical Journal discusses one of the biggest issues with masks when they say,

“(1) Wearing a face mask may give a false sense of security and make people adopt a reduction in compliance with other infection control measures, including social distancing and hands washing.

(2) Inappropriate use of face mask: people must not touch their masks, must change their single-use masks frequently or wash them regularly, dispose them correctly and adopt other management measures, otherwise their risks and those of others may increase.”

Lets break number two down quickly. How often do you see people pulling out a crumpled up single use mask to put on before they walk into a business? “People must not touch their masks, they must change their single use masks frequently or wash them regularly, dispose of them correctly – otherwise their risks and those of others may increase.” Sounds like the mandatory mask mandate may do more harm than help.

You probably haven’t heard of these dissenting voices or articles however, the government only likes to focus on the studies and articles that make their decisions look favourable.

Here’s a little bit more from The Civil Liberties Association letter to the W.H.O,

Furthermore, you have omitted important foreseeable harms, which include the following.

“1. On the medical side, directly attributable to masks, unanswered questions include: Are large droplets captured by a mask atomized or aerosolized into breathable components? Do virions escape an evaporating droplet stuck to a mask fiber? How do pathogen-laden droplets interact with environmental dust and aerosols captured on the mask, including in polluted environments? Do new, used and cleaned or recycled masks shed fibres or substances that are harmful? What are long-term health effects of constrained and modified breathing from prolonged mask use, both with health care workers and the general public?

2. Does imposed or socially coerced mask use induce or contribute to a psychological state of fear and stress, in part or most of the targeted population? Psychological stress is proven to be a factor that can measurably depress the immune system and induce diseases, including: immune response dysfunction, depression,cardiovascular disease and cancer.”

Theres also the court case that The Ontario Nurses Association won regarding the use of mandatory masks.

“ONA’s well-regarded expert witnesses, including Toronto infection control expert Dr. Michael Gardam, Quebec epidemiologist Dr. Gaston De Serres, and Dr. Lisa Brosseau, an American expert on masks, testified that there was insufficient evidence to support the St. Michael’s policy and no evidence that forcing healthy nurses to wear masks during the influenza season did anything to prevent transmission of influenza in hospitals. They further testified that nurses who have no symptoms are unlikely to be a real source of transmission and that it was not logical to force healthy unvaccinated nurses to mask. Arbitrator Kaplan accepted this expert evidence. In contrast, he noted the only fair words to describe the hospital’s evidence in support of masking are “insufficient, inadequate and completely unpersuasive.”

One thing is for sure, the deadliness of COVID has been drastically overstated. If we want to develop the best approach to COVID going forward remove Bill 195 and allow debate once again Mr. Ford — then we can ensure we are doing the right thing for Ontario. After all, debate has been honed over hundreds of years to refine our thoughts and produce the best approaches for the challenges of the day — what an idea for Ontario Mr. Ford.

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