0.8% Covid Fatality Rate in Ontario – putting Covid in context

This problem isn’t only today’s problem – it’s an issue that must have the future health of our nation included in the decision making process. The health of our nation’s future seems to be an afterthought in the fight against Covid from all levels of Government.

Dr. Yaffi on “new” Covid mutation “No evidence to say the illness it causes is anymore severe or any different”

“That’s the theory of why we believe it’s more transmissible,” she said and then reiterated when she told Ontarians, “Minister Elliott said it would result most likely in more cases.” Add into the mix where Dr. Yaffi told Ontarians “At this point, there is no evidence to say that the illness it causes is any more severe or any different.”

Who cares what the models say Doug!

Diverge Writer, Greg Staley deep dives into various COVID topics arguing Who cares what the models say Doug!

“Let us remind you that it is only models that declare asymptomatic people can spread the virus at a high and efficient rate, while in reality the actual known studies show asymptomatic spread to be very rare — at less than five to 10 per cent spread.

Now we must ask dare I say it, a logical question in regards to this — Why is our government focusing in on the smallest part responsible for public outbreaks of COVID and other respiratory illnesses?

One word — fear.”