STALEY: Erin O’Toole snubs Derek Sloan of cabinet position

As Erin O’Toole takes over the reigns of the Conservative Party we can only hope that the exclusion of Derek Sloan from cabinet is not a sign of things to come for social-conservatives. Is there still place in the Conservative Party of Canada for like minded individuals who share many values in common with Mr. Sloan?

It definitely doesn’t feel like it anymore.

Diverge Columnist, Greg Staley, discusses.

I want to bypass the Department Of Indian Affairs – To bring water pure and clean

Tu-Kanatan Inc. – Water pure and clean. A simple concept, a basic human right. So why are First Nations People still without this basic human right today? Who is working to fix what should have been fixed long ago? A feisty and proud First Nations woman by the name of Virginia Bruneau has taken upContinue reading “I want to bypass the Department Of Indian Affairs – To bring water pure and clean”

Principal coerces 15-year-old into wearing mask — despite her medical exemption

As school begins in a post COVID era, parents with children who have medical exemptions from wearing a mask are beginning to wonder if they will be able to continue to send their children to school without their rights being violated.

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Phoenix Wolfe delivers an incredible speech on Parliament Hill during the Ottawa Freedom Protest

“We live under slavery, tyranny and recently under treason — and we will put an end to it — starting now,” said Phoenix Wolfe, a speaker at the Ottawa Freedom Protest on August 29, 2020.

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Pedophiles love COVID lock-down — “It’s harvest time.” | #SaveTheChildren

What’s scarier to you? A virus with a more than 99 per cent survivability or the fact that millions of children will be raped and, or sexually assaulted?

“That’s not a hypothetical, that’s the trade off,” says Tim Ballard of Operation Underground Railroad.

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