VIDEO: Greg Wycliffe on “wokeness” and the powerful impact of a message shared through comedy

Greg Wycliffe came on our livestream on Sept. 30, 2020. He spoke on various topics including “wokeness,” sharing a message through comedy, late night television, “wokeness” in video games — and of course politics. To check our the whole livestream, it can be found here.

Greg Staley — Q: “Do you think impersonations and doing that kind of this is a great medium to get the message out? … You can make quite a powerful impact sharing a message through comedy can you not?”

A: “Yeah, I’m a big believer in comedy, absolutely, and in many ways because of comedy and because of what I found funny — at a certain point — I would say five to six years ago. That’s why I said to myself ‘I guess I’m converbative ’cause I find these memes way funnier. Like to me this has way more to do with truth — this has a lot more to do with what’s actually going on,” said Wycliffe.

“Simultaneously we have — you know — late night TV being a former shadow of itself — of what it once was, you know? Late night TV use to be like edgy and funny and now you know — what do they say — it’s about getting clapter now — not laughter — clapter … It’s almost like this ritual of being woke and saying all the right things and saying ‘I care about this and I care about that and it’s — well first of all it offends me as a comedian, no I’m not a comedian really, but like it offends me as someone who likes comedy, like it offends me because this is not entertaining — it is uh — this sucks!,” said Wycliffe.

He’s right in more ways than one. Just look at Don Cherry and Hockey Night in Canada — CBC Dropped the show, losing $175 Million — its ratings dropped substantially after his dismissal from the job for telling people to wear a poppy.

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