Crime severity has increased every year since Trudeau’s liberals took power

Sunny ways – is the motto that brought Justin Trudeau to power. He promised everything under the sun to Canadians – but what do the statistics show? Well for one, the crime severity index has risen every year since Trudeau’s liberals took power after dropping every year since 2003.

Talk about sunny ways! What does the crime severity index (CSI) really tell Canadians though? The CSI is made from all available police reports and takes into consideration both the volume and the sentences handed out. In essence the more severe the crime – the higher the score on the CSI.

Definition of the Crime severity index

The CSI sat at 66.9 in 2014 and has consistently risen every year since Trudeau’s liberals took power, now sitting at 75.01 in 2018 (most recent data).

Crime severity Index – Canada

Now you might be saying, “what type of crimes are increasing? Could it be things like drug related offenses?” Well on that note, the rate of drug related offenses has consistently fallen since 2011 – the rate of decline even accelerated after Trudeau took office, which makes sense when we consider marijuana legalization.

High Score

The highest “scorers” on the CSI index are the Northwest Territories (324.4), Nunavut (319.9), Yukon (170.34), followed by Saskatchewan (139.16), Manitoba (125.76), and Alberta (112.05). The common theme seems to be the more rural the province or territory – the higher their score on the CSI.

As a result the following question should be asked of the Liberal government of Canada “are you doing enough to keep rural communities safe?” The answer is a resounding no. The Trudeau liberals continue to neglect rural Canadians while focusing their attention on the smallest areas with the most amount of votes (cities).

Violent gun crime increases under Trudeau

Ironically, violent gun crime has also increased during Trudeau’s time in power after declining almost every year during the previous governments tenure. The rates of violent gun crime per 100,000 were up from 21 in 2014 (before Trudeau was elected) and rose to 27.3 per 100,000 by 2017 (most recent data). Trudeau seems to think the solution is to disarm Canadians all together. Talk about sunny ways!

Violent gun crime

Ironically – the number of safe storage instances of guns has declined every year under Trudeau – taking away Trudeau’s ability to blame the gun owner for the increase in violent gun crime.

Trudeau promised electoral reform

Trudeau quickly shirked that idea once he found out how well the current system worked for the Liberal Party of Canada. Why would you want reform when that same reform would’ve cost your party the election? This is confirmed by the fact that the Conservative party swept many areas of the prairie provinces. At the same time, Liberals focused their campaigning efforts in the vote dense cities, working their way into an undeserved minority government.

With violent crime increasing, the Trudeau Liberals continue to focus on policies that appease only the vote dense cities while further alienating rural Canadians. Sunny ways Canada, sunny ways.

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