Premier Ford and Christine Elliott were fined 10% of annual ministerial salaries for failure to issue budget by deadline – Auditor Generals Annual Report

Remember when – Ford was really angry at the Auditor-Generals Annual Report? It turns out he had good reason to be – it pointed out some major blunders – including not having a budget prepared in time.

Now you may be thinking – why haven’t I heard about Ford and Elliott being fined? That’s a good question and one that we aren’t entirely sure of either. Although it has been covered – it hasn’t been hammered into the minds of Ontarians.

This should’ve been plastered everywhere to engrain it into the minds of Ontarians and yet you’ve likely never heard of it and are now questioning the validity of our claim. That’s ok, Diverge Media has gotten used to having to prove every opinion we give – and we wouldn’t write about stories that matter any other way.

Auditor Generals Report

As has become customary for Diverge Media – we will now quote directly from the direct source. From the Auditor Generals Report from 2020 they reported “On March 25, 2020, the government released the March 2020 Economic and Fiscal Update, which

provided a plan for fiscal 2020/21 but did not include all the requirements of a budget under section 5 of the Act. Specifically, the Economic and Fiscal Update did not include a multi-year fiscal plan for the next three years. The Minister of Finance acknowledged this fact in his foreword to the Economic and Fiscal Update.”

It continues “as a result of not issuing the budget by the deadline, both the Minister of Finance and the Premier paid a penalty of 10% of their annual ministerial salaries as calculated in the Executive Council Act, into the consolidated revenue fund.”

Auditor Generals Report 2020

We couldn’t find any new articles on this. Again, that’s not to say that they weren’t written – but that they weren’t easy to find and we didn’t see headlines promoting this finding in our search. Now that you know you can tell others and share this article!

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