Dr. Yaffi on “new” Covid mutation “No evidence to say the illness it causes is anymore severe or any different”

During the Ontario governments press conference today Dr. Yaffi gave Ontarians a lot of valuable information. It remains to be seen if you’ll hear this in any other news outlet however.

Dr. Yaffi had this to say during the press conference today “It’s not unusual for viruses to change and mutate.” She continued, “this particular mutation that’s happened in the UK was actually first identified back in the fall I believe in September, but in the last month we’ve seen a rapid increase in cases in southeast England particularly London. And the vast majority of cases are that mutation – so it has multiple mutations or changes.”

Aren’t we coming back into Flu/Covid season? Wouldn’t this result in more cases in general? We need to pay very close attention to the wording our officials choose – just as a lawyer pays close attention to the chosen words in a statement.

This also isn’t surprising – viruses mutate and often become less virulent in the process. So what else did Dr. Yaffi have to say about this “new strain” of virus that stems back to September?

“There’s been a significant mutation in the spike protein that is making it more efficient for the virus to get into the human cells. So that’s the theory of why we believe that it’s more transmissible it’s more easily spread between people. At this point, there is no evidence to say that the illness it causes is any more severe or any different.”

“The good news is we don’t have any evidence of this mutant strain in Ontario at this point.” She continued “as Minister Elliott said it would result most likely in more cases and ahh so, you know it’s a good thing that we’re going into this shutdown so that it can uhm ahh help reduce any transmission of the virus and if the mutant virus enters of the mutant virus as well.”

Pay very close attention to Dr. Yaffi’s words

“That’s the theory of why we believe it’s more transmissible,” she said and then reiterated when she told Ontarians, “Minister Elliott said it would result most likely in more cases.” Add into the mix where Dr. Yaffi told Ontarians “At this point, there is no evidence to say that the illness it causes is any more severe or any different.”

So to frame it another way – we are dealing with a mutation of the virus they believe is more transmissible and there is no evidence that the illness it causes is any more severe or any different from what we’ve been dealing with. So what’s the cause of the lockdown? Why are we choosing to plunge Ontario into a province-wide lockdown? Why are we willingly destroying our economy again on a maybe and a belief? It’s time for the Ontario government to be held accountable.

Share the heck out of this article. Share it with the mainstream media and ask that they follow up with the Premier and the Minister of Health Christine Elliott along with Dr. Yaffi to ask them if they know if it’s more transmissible and dangerous. We can’t continue to hurt Canadians on poor information. The quick talk Dr. Yaffi gave wreaked of doublespeak – and I for one want to know only what is factual. Don’t forget Dr.Yaffi was also caught on hot mic saying “I just say whatever they wrote down for me!”

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