WATCH: Nurse Kristal Pitter’s speech at the ‘No More Lockdowns’ rally in Norwich, Ont.

Last summer, when Nurse Practitioner Kristal Pitter began to speak out against harmful measures that were being implemented in response to COVID, she began to be defamed by various media outlets calling her things like a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

“When harmful measures lacking medical and scientific evidence were implemented in response to COVID, I embraced the role of whistleblower by boldly and courageously speaking truth on social media to protect the health and safety of humanity — despite the risk of opposition, persecution and retribution,” said Pitter.

“Media outlets published defamatory articles in relation to my Facebook posts last summer. I was falsely portrayed as a terrible person, a danger to society, a conspiracy theorist and many demanded that my license to practice nursing be revoked.”

She says some articles even mentioned serial killer Elizabeth Wettlaufer in an article about her.

Screenshot from the CBC article mentioning Elizabeth Wettlaufer.

“The media even mentioned nurse serial killer Elizabeth Wettlaufer in one of the articles. I was fired from my job and my license is being threatened. This was a direct result of exercising my highest nursing duty — to protect the health and safety of the public by providing high-level scientific evidence to inform decision making,” she said.

Watch her full speech below which includes many other subject matters including PCR tests.

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