Premier Kenney speaks common sense on Covid: “It’s time for media to stop promoting fear”

By: Greg Staley

Written On: 2021-07-29

Photo screen grabbed from Premiers video.

The Premier of Alberta, Jason Kenney was recently asked by a journalist if he wanted to take his comments back about the Stampede being the first major event to happen in Canada “after the pandemic”. The journalists asked the Premier the following; “Premier, you mentioned in a tweet recently that Stampede was the first major event to happen in Canada after the pandemic. Several health experts have spoken out saying that the pandemic is not over and that it’s a little mixed messaging coming from the province here. So, we are not yet into an endemic stage – do you stand by those comments that the pandemic is over or is that maybe a little bit premature?

Premier Kenney immediately countered the journalists appeal to other experts by discussing his own experts view of the situation. That expert of course is the Chief Medical Officer of Alberta – Dr. Hinshaw. “Well as doctor Hinshaw has said, we are moving from a pandemic to an endemic state of Covid-19. We have seen the numbers come down dramatically in Alberta – we should salute that” the Premier said.

Kenney speaks logic

The Premier went as far as to make comparisons to our past handling of “other diseases” to draw logical conclusions about our actions around Covid today. I know, someone speaking logically about Covid is insane by today’s standards! “Now, there’s no doubt like I said before that case numbers will go up in the future but that should not lead to the same kind of response. There will be a residual individualized risk for some people. Some people will contract Covid. A much smaller percentage of those people than before will be hospitalized and a much smaller percentage than before may pass away but that is true of other diseases that we contend with all the time like the flu influenza.

Restrictions weren’t meant to stop people from getting symptoms of Covid

The Premier also pointed out that restrictions and lockdowns were never meant to completely stop Covid but rather were put in place to prevent the hospital system from becoming overrun. “We never had restrictions in the past to stop people from getting few or no symptoms – they were there to protect the hospital system and prevent large-scale fatalities. So yesterday we had 0 Covid fatalities. We now have fewer people in hospital with Covid-19 than at any point in the past 9 months.”

“We never had restrictions in the past to stop people from getting few or no symptoms – they were there to protect the hospital system and prevent large scale fatalities.”

Premier of Alberta, Canada – Jason Kenney
Cases will go up – but Kenney confident in vaccines

The Premier also made a point to tell Albertans that “about 90% of the vulnerable in Alberta have been vaccinated.” The vulnerable being people that are above the age of 65. “Those are by far the most vulnerable individuals and that means that when Covid case numbers go up as they will at various times in the future, they will not represent a significant threat to our healthcare capacity,” the Premier said. “That’s why our Chief Medical Officer provided advice to drop virtually all public health restrictions once we achieved the thresholds back in June and I’m very encouraged. We’re now 3 weeks into that full openness and I’m very encouraged to see that we continue to do very well.”

It has taken too long for some common sense to break through the political scene in Canada but thank goodness it finally has. I shouldn’t be surprised at a total reversal from Kenney though. He may be trying to save face after jailing pastors in his province – a move that saw U.S Senator Josh Hawley call on Canada to be added to a religious freedom watch list that includes the likes of China, Russia and Saudi Arabia. Not exactly good company to be in when it comes to religious persecution.

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