*Opinion* Covid vaccine passports are racist – Stats Canada report shows lack of confidence in CV-19 vaccine in minority communities

By: Greg Staley

Written On: 2021-08-11

According to a Stats Canada report released in March of this year, there is a large gap in the “willingness to receive a Covid vaccine” in minority communities across Canada compared to the general population. This makes the push for a vaccine passport that will segregate society based on vaccination status an arguably racist policy proposal.

Which groups are the the least willing to receive a Covid-19 vaccine?

According to the report from March, 76.9% of Canadians are “very or somewhat willing” to receive a Covid-19 vaccine. This number drops off precipitously in the black (56.6%), Latin American (66.0%), Arab (68.1%) and Metis communities (67.8%). Indigenous peoples are also less willing than the general public to receive a Covid vaccine with 71.8% of indigenous peoples reporting that they were willing to receive a Covid vaccination compared to 76.9% of Canadians as a whole.

The push for a vaccination passport is a push to segregate and marginalize these minority communities from the rest of society. It’s an uncomfortable truth but one that must be realized in the push to “protect everyone” from Covid. This is something that will fundamentally change our society forever. I believe if a vaccine passport is put into place and allowed the time to gain acceptance, Canadian society will never be the same.

One must remember history or they’ll be doomed to repeat it. The income tax was a “temporary measure” put into place to help pay for the cost incurred from the First World War. This is the same income tax Canadians are still paying over a century later. When the government likes something they don’t let it go willingly. Why wouldn’t the government love a vaccine passport? It gives them control over society. Its very implementation is an assault on our medical and Charter rights. It would turn our rights into privileges that can be taken away whenever deemed important enough to do so by the government. “It’s for the greater good” – now go get your booster.

By allowing the government to put into place a vaccine passport system, Canadians will be creating a de-facto police state. When have we ever thought it was acceptable in a free and democratic society to have the police come and “card” people while they were merely sitting and enjoying a meal on an outside patio? This is the exact scenario that is playing out on the other side of the globe in France as police have begun enforcing vaccine passport policies. Imagine you’re enjoying your meal and bam! “Show me your papers please.” You are then forced to show your phone displaying the “pass Sanitaire” to the officer which displays a QR code that the officer scans. Although one can obtain a “vaccine passport” in France if they test negative for Covid – this is expensive and must be done repeatedly to keep “green” status.

French Patrons react to the pass sanitaire AKA Macrons vaccine passport


In a video provided by the Daily Mail, police in France can be seen going up to patrons at outdoor dining facilities and making them produce documentation that shows they’ve either been vaccinated, have obtained a recent negative Covid test or have antibodies to Covid-19. They were then asked by the interviewer what their thoughts were on the pass Sanitaire and the responses were rather enlightening.

One patron said that “I really don’t know what this is. We are sitting at an outdoor table, there’s two of us, no one around. It’s digital ‘absurdistan’ already pushed quite far.” The term absurdistan is a term that is sometimes used to satirically describe a country in which absurdity is the norm – a rather fitting statement for France under Macron’s leadership.

Will not help relaunch the economy”

Another person who spoke with the Daily Mail said that he was a business owner from a nearby city and although he thought as a customer that the pass Sanitaire wasn’t all that bad – he sees it as harmful to business owners trying to re-open after so many months of restrictions. “We will be forced to refuse clients. This could put businesses in a difficult situation. I think it will not help in relaunching the local economy.”

Although the media here in Ontario would like people to think that based on the results from a few small polls that the vast majority of Ontarians are accepting of the idea of a vaccine passport – a Toronto Star poll says the complete opposite with a polling sample of over 600,000 people (cue the criticism of the poll). According to the Toronto Star poll that asked: “Do you think Ontario should have a COVID-19 vaccination passport system?” 76% of the 600,000 plus votes to date said they did not support the idea of a vaccination passport in Ontario. With a sample this large, it could be argued that perhaps the only people who are in support of a vaccine passport are politicians and tv doctors accompanied by the Karen’s and Ken’s of society. In essence, those who yell loudest and proudest.

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Published by Greg Staley

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