AUDIO: Tillsonburg Pastor talks on why he will continue to hold services regardless of restrictions

Tillsonburg Pastor of Faith Presbyterian Church, Steve Richardson says he will continue to hold services regardless of government restrictions and fines. He talked with Diverge Media Tuesday regarding the state of church in the western world and says that the government is deciding what’s right and not right — regardless that schools and churches have the same safety and risk factors.

VIDEO: Protest at Red Deer, Alta. courthouse in support of Whistle Stop Café

A protest of roughly 75 gathered outside the Red Deer, Alta. courthouse Wednesday in support of the Whistle Stop Café in Mirror who has defied public health orders and stayed open with in-person dining.

Loans Canada and Scott Satov are not licensed to conduct mortgage business in Ontario – over 1 million Canadians served by Loans Canada

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario has put out a news release stating that “Scott Satov and Loans Canada are not licensed to conduct mortgage business in Ontario.”

Doug Ford gets sidetracked and plugs Tim Hortons’ real eggs during press conference

Near the end of today’s Ontario press conference Ontario Premiere Doug Ford got sidetracked and promoted Tim Hortons’ new real eggs after talking about a senior couple’s good deeds leaving Tim Hortons’ gift cards on public benches for people in need.

National Omnibus survey asks some deeply disturbing questions – responses from Canadians will leave you perturbed

38% of Canadians polled supported the outright suspension of rights and freedoms granted under the Charter for the duration of the “pandemic.”

VISSER: How much are we willing to abandon for the sake of security?

Are workplace inspections becoming the movie “Pre-Crime” but with today’s COVID twist?

How much are we willing to abandon for the sake of security?

For Diverge writer Broderick Visser, It’s nothing.

Saskatchewan’s Top Employers winners in 2021

It’s an award that that is still steeped in prestige – the Top Employers award. A badge of honour that employers proudly display and flout – here is the list of Saskatchewan’s top employers winners for 2021;

Ontario provides additional funding to schools to “keep them safe”

Ontario has announced that it’s providing an additional 381 million dollars to school boards through the Safe Return to Class Fund. The province says that the “money will be used to further protect students and staff and support online as well as in-person learning.”

The kids are going back to school in Ontario – What you need to know about the recent “enhanced safety measures”

All Public Health Units other than Peel region’s, York region’s and Toronto Public Health units (PHU’s) are returning to in-person learning. They will be returning on Monday, February 8th, 2021.