1 in 1000 dead from Covid Vaccine Ok with Dr. Mitch Shulman?

On NewsTalk 1010s Jerry Agar show today, guest Dr. Mitch Shulman was asked if we knew that 1 in 1000 would die from a Covid vaccine but that it would “save 999 of them” would he do it? The doctors answer was anything but reassuring to the discerning listener. The radio interview can be heard here.

*Opinion* “The Great Reset” World Economic Forum Influence in Canada

In speaking about Covid-19, Klaus Schwab, the creator of the World Economic Forum said “the pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future.”

mRNA Vaccine Creator “They Were Aware” of Risks with Spike Protein

ck when we were doing randomized clinical trials that these adverse events were occurring, many of them were oddly delayed and atypical for a vaccine trial. This is totally new technology and that kind of gets at the core is I think one of our problems here is the assumption that this is like every other vaccine we have ever seen and it’s not. It’s very different technology.”

No Debate Required! Quarantine Act Changed in 2019 to Allow for no Debate before Its Use

The Quarantine Act in Canada allows the government to “make an interim order containing any provision that could be contained in a regulation made under section 62 or 63 if the Minister is of the opinion that immediate action is required to deal with a significant risk, direct or indirect, to public health.” These orders used to be subject to debate through the Parliamentary process but that is no longer the case thanks to Bill C-97 which received royal assent on June 21st of 2019.

Covid-19 by the numbers Ontario vs Florida, Texas and Nevada

As the province of Ontario begins to allow for a very small proportion of society to open up today, I believe it’s time to revisit the Covid-19 numbers in Florida, Texas and Nevada – all states that are open without restrictions and have been holding live indoor sporting events. Then, we will draw a comparison between the data sets and ask the question – is it still appropriate to be closed here in Canada?

Trudeau gives $200 Million to Asian Development Bank – Trustees of projects have past ties to Aga Khan

The AKDF openly admits to being partnered with the Asian Development Bank but that’s not where the potential conflict of interest is. The potential conflict of interest lies in the fact that they’ve partnered with and share a memorandum of understanding with the ADB that may include the possibility of investments together. Then we add our observation that the trustees assigned to allocate these funds appear to have an intertwined past with the Khan and his organizations. Then, just to finish it off we add onto that the Prime Minister was found guilty by the ethics commissioner for taking a vacation on the Khan’s private island and that the Khan’s organizations actively lobby the government and you get some very murky waters.

Analysis: Government Homelessness Program Amended to Allow Funds to be Spent on Covid-19 Instead

On April 1st of 2020 these cities likely began receiving their funding from the Reaching Home program (agreement date began April 1, 2020 for many recipients). Shortly after the agreement came into place for most cities the province of Ontario updated their list of businesses that would be closing effective April 4th, 2020 to include a much broader range of businesses.

*Opinion* “I’ve Had Two Kids In Lockdowns” Enough With The Ideocracy Open Up

The Ford government has extended their emergency measures until Dec. 1, 2021. This means that parliamentary approval won’t be required as the Ford government makes decisions that affect the lives and livelihoods of millions of Ontarians. It also likely means another lockdown is on the way in the late fall/early winter (if optics allow for it).

Dr. Bridle Concerned Covid Vaccine May Cause Infertility, Circulate in Blood and be Passed to Suckling Babies Through Breastmilk

During an interview on the radio show and Podcast “On Point with Alex Pierson” Dr. Byram Bridle, an Associate Professor on viral immunology at the University of Guelph brought up new peer-reviewed studies that suggested that the vaccine may cause infertility, be passed through breastmilk to a suckling baby and that the spike protein which has long been known as a pathogenic protein can cause damage if it gets into our blood’s circulation – something Dr. Bridle said we now “have clear cut evidence” is occurring.