Dr. Bridle Concerned Covid Vaccine May Cause Infertility, Circulate in Blood and be Passed to Suckling Babies Through Breastmilk

During an interview on the radio show and Podcast “On Point with Alex Pierson” Dr. Byram Bridle, an Associate Professor on viral immunology at the University of Guelph brought up new peer-reviewed studies that suggested that the vaccine may cause infertility, be passed through breastmilk to a suckling baby and that the spike protein which has long been known as a pathogenic protein can cause damage if it gets into our blood’s circulation – something Dr. Bridle said we now “have clear cut evidence” is occurring.

Do more for veterans Premier Ford – The poppy is the bare minimum

Doug Ford – has garnered a lot of public support for openly condemning Whole Foods for their decision to not allow their employees to wear a poppy calling it “a political statement.” This is a good start, but this is the bare minimum as far as honouring our Veterans goes. Ford has stated he will introduceContinue reading “Do more for veterans Premier Ford – The poppy is the bare minimum”