The kids are going back to school in Ontario – What you need to know about the recent “enhanced safety measures”

All Public Health Units other than Peel region’s, York region’s and Toronto Public Health units (PHU’s) are returning to in-person learning. They will be returning on Monday, February 8th, 2021.

*Staley* I need a mental health day

I’m not much of a socialite in reality – I have always been content with a small but loyal group by my side. I’m not the type of person that requires a lot of time with others and often find it energizing to spend time alone. This doesn’t mean however that I don’t need time with others for my mental health and well-being from time to time.

One in four of those incarcerated reoffend within 2 years of release – Bill C-228 seeks to reduce recidivism rate in Canada

Recidivism in Canada – One in four likely to reoffend. Bill C-228 seeks to address this but has received little attention as of yet.

FORCED ISOLATION: CPC MP writes Trudeau: “Your government is overstepping its bounds…”

Jeremy Patzer wrote to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Jan. 29 regarding forced isolation in “mandatory quarantine hotels…

Excerpt from letter to Prime Minister Trudeau:

“Respectfully sir, I believe your government is overstepping its bounds and setting a dangerous precedent. No Canadian should ever be prevented from entering their own home. That type of control is not indicative of a free and democratic society. As such, I strongly advise against mandating hotel quarantines for returning Canadians.”

Church is essential – JCCF to Defend Trinity Bible Chapel in court against “escalating enforcement measures”

The mainstream media has been complicit in aiding the government’s draconian trampling of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They don’t give coverage to the other perspective nearly enough and when they do it’s usually riddled with the narrator’s bias (in my opinion).

Instead, the media seems to obsess with small Churches like Trinity Bible Chapel, constantly vilifying them without evidence of them ever causing harm to others – based purely on speculation and assumptions.