“ICUs aren’t overwhelmed:” Roman Baber takes shots at Ford Government

In a recent post from Ontario MPP Roman Baber, he breaks down just a taste of the real stats and information surrounding Ontario Hospital’s Intensive Care Units (ICUs).

National Omnibus survey asks some deeply disturbing questions – responses from Canadians will leave you perturbed

38% of Canadians polled supported the outright suspension of rights and freedoms granted under the Charter for the duration of the “pandemic.”

The kids are going back to school in Ontario – What you need to know about the recent “enhanced safety measures”

All Public Health Units other than Peel region’s, York region’s and Toronto Public Health units (PHU’s) are returning to in-person learning. They will be returning on Monday, February 8th, 2021.

Ontario MPP writes Premier Ford “the lockdown is deadlier than Covid” – “Ontario’s hospital capacity is better than pre-pandemic”

“the lockdown is deadlier than Covid” – “Ontario’s hospital capacity is better than pre-pandemic” Roman Baber for York Centre wrote to the Premier.

Ontario to increase workplace inspections during Covid-19

Beginning this Saturday and Sunday, approximately 50 ministry inspectors, as well as local bylaw and police officer, will be visiting big-box stores in Toronto, Hamilton, Peel, York and Durham. The government blitz will focus on ensuring workers and patrons are wearing masks, maintaining physical distance, and following “every health and safety measure.” The question that needs to be answered is – will people with exemptions have them honoured?

Your rights under the Re-opening Ontario Act

The Re-opening Ontario Act and others like it throughout the country have given Canadians the ostensible view that their rights are on hold – that the emergency powers supersede their rights. This couldn’t be further from the truth – but we understand how the draconian actions that we’ve been beholden to would cause you to question the aforementioned statement.

Dr. Yaffi on “new” Covid mutation “No evidence to say the illness it causes is anymore severe or any different”

“That’s the theory of why we believe it’s more transmissible,” she said and then reiterated when she told Ontarians, “Minister Elliott said it would result most likely in more cases.” Add into the mix where Dr. Yaffi told Ontarians “At this point, there is no evidence to say that the illness it causes is any more severe or any different.”

Rebel News on Lamont Daigle: “I believe he is a narc”

Saturday, Nov. 21, 2020 — Diverge Media was in a “Twitter storm” — as some may call it with @TheLineMedia. This came after Rebel Media founder and owner Ezra Levant tweeted in reply to a now deleted tweet from @TheLineCanada. “Our reporters have attended 30+ anti-lockdown protests, and have never heard a call for violenceContinue reading “Rebel News on Lamont Daigle: “I believe he is a narc””

If COVID policies work to stop the Flu – why don’t they stop COVID?

“If both illnesses are spread through respiratory droplets – then why do the measures work to reduce the number of Flu cases, but not Covid cases?”

STALEY: Operation Lockstep — hypothetical scenario or reality? (Part 1 of 4)

Rockefeller — A mere mention of the name and the accusations of tin foil hat conspiracists are sure to follow shortly thereafter — but is there something to the conspiracies? —
Greg Staley argues.