“ICUs aren’t overwhelmed:” Roman Baber takes shots at Ford Government

In a recent post from Ontario MPP Roman Baber, he breaks down the real stats and information surrounding Ontario Hospital’s Intensive Care Units (ICUs).

“Ontario’s Intensive Care Units (ICUs) aren’t overwhelmed. Provincial Occupancy is under 82%. Doctors are telling me they can manage. The fear is based on bad projections.”

Roman Baber in a Facebook post on Sunday evening.

Mr. Baber added “but if we are short on ICU beds, whose fault is it?”

The Independent MPP from York Centre went on to talk about two Ontario MDs from one ICU, who told Baber on Sunday that many Ontario ICU Doctors don’t have full-time work and that most are underemployed.

“Two Ontario MDs (one ICU) told us today that many Ontario ICU Doctors don’t have full time work and most are underemployed.”

Independent MPP for York Centre Ontario – Roman Baber

“Before the 2nd wave, Ontario laid off nurses. It takes approximately 5 months to train an ICU nurse,” said the Ontario MPP.

He said both the Joseph Brant and Sunnybrook field hospitals are empty.

He then finishes off the post by taking a final shot at the Ford government’s mismanagement of COVID.

“Ontario’s ICUs are fine, but if they aren’t, it’s not due to variants, it’s due to Ford Government mismanagement!,” he said.

“Instead of planning ICU capacity, FordNation locks all of us down and deems shoes & car seats non-essential.”

Roman Baber

While all shoes besides work boots have been deemed non-essential, not all Walmart stores are exactly on the same page when it comes to what can and cannot be sold.

For example, two different Kitchener locations deem different goods essential with one allowing the sale of infant toys, and the other not. The same is to show if you look at the photo from the post (on the left), it shows car seats roped off and deemed non-essential.

My local Walmart allows the sale of car seats, while the location in this photo does not or had not allowed it from the beginning of new restrictions.

This just goes to show that there is some level of miscommunication from the Ontario government when it comes to what is or isn’t “essential” in their eyes.

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