MP Derek Sloan Concerned About Censorship of Doctors and Scientists – Press Conference

By: Greg Staley

Written On: 2021-06-18

Photo is a screengrab from CPAC coverage of the press conference – video below.

On June 17th, 2021, Derek Sloan, the independent MP from Hasting-Lennox and Addington held a press conference to raise concerns about the censorship taking place within the scientific and medical communities in Canada. Mr. Sloan began, “those of you watching this today may not be aware that several weeks ago I issued a call for whistleblowers to our medical and scientific communities across this country. Doctors, nurses, medical scientists and other experts have indeed reached out to me through various channels to tell me their stories.”

Mr. Sloan continued, “at times the information they’ve provided has been shocking. However, the single uniting factor was that none of their stories were being told either here in parliament or in our national media. In fact, these individuals are being blocked at many levels from telling their stories.” Mr. Sloan informed those attending that Dr. Byram Bridle from the University of Guelph and Dr. Patrick Phillips from Englehart Hospital as well as Dr. Don Welsh from the University of Western Ontario would be speaking at the press conference after he finished.

Derek Sloan – Concerned Nurse

Derek Sloan told reporters that one of the first whistleblowers to reach out to him was a concerned nurse who has “spent over 20 years working in a hospital” in Mr. Sloan’s riding of Hasting-Lennox and Addington. Mr. Sloan said that “for her own protection” he would not name her. Mr. Sloan told reporters that when she reached out to his office it was to inform him that the local hospital at which she worked was experiencing “very low numbers of Covid patients. That is until they took in many patients from Toronto hotspots which artificially raised the number of Covid patients” in the community “in a way that was not accurately reflected in the local media reports to the public” Mr. Sloan said.

Vaccinated Ending up in Hospital

Mr. Sloan stated that this “type of fear-mongering in media reports has been a major issue of concern throughout this pandemic.” Mr. Sloan added “even worse, this nurse informed me that many of the sick patients had in fact already been vaccinated.” Mr. Sloan continued, “this was not something we were hearing from our local health officials in local media reports. Even worse, this honest and diligent nurse was afraid to say anything publicly because the College of Nurses of Ontario was threatening nurses who spoke out with what they were personally witnessing in their hospitals.”

Mr. Sloan said that “antidotal stories such as this came in with several frontline medical professionals reaching out” to him “with each passing day.” “It gets worse,” Mr. Sloan said, “on the whistleblower file things drastically changed on April 30th, 2021. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario known as CPSO issued a dire statement threatening any doctor who spoke out about what they were witnessing on the frontlines of our hospitals in their own clinics and in our communities.” Mr. Sloan said that “this attempt to intimidate doctors into silence had the opposite effect.” His office was inundated with calls of concern.”

Byram Bridle – Censorship

Dr. Byram Bridle is an Associate Professor of viral immunology at the University of Guelph. Dr. Bridle told a story about a brief 5-minute interview he did on the radio a few weeks ago where he spoke about a potential link between the Covid vaccine and heart inflammation – something he believes may have a connection. Dr. Bridle said that after that interview it was “like a nuclear bomb went off” in his world. Dr. Bridle told reporters that “within 24 hours there was a libellous website that was put up” using his domain name. Dr. Bridle added that “a fake Twitter account was developed” to slander him and that he has “been undergoing daily attacks.”

Article (based on his radio interview): “Dr. Bridle Concerned Covid Vaccine May Cause Infertility, Circulate in Blood and be Passed to Suckling Babies Through Breastmilk”


Dr. Bridle said that although his institution has stood for academic freedom and that they “respect the basic tenant of academic freedom and freedom of speech” – some of his work colleagues had been harassing him for the views he has expressed publicly, presumably about the Covid vaccine. “I’m experiencing harassment, lots of harassment in the workplace,” Dr. Bridle told reporters.

Perhaps most shocking is the harassment that Dr. Bridle claims to have received from a member of the Ontario Science Table that is supposed to inform the Premier of Ontario on Covid related decisions. Dr. Bridle didn’t mention names but we’re pretty sure he was referring to David Fisman – the same Ontario Science Table member who has been paid honorariums by Pfizer and AstraZeneca. 

Dr. Patrick Phillips – Treatments

Vitamin D – Dr. Phillips is a family physician in Englehart, Ontario who primarily works in the emergency department of Blanche River Health. In speaking about the various treatments that are available outside of a Covid vaccine, Dr. Phillips spoke about vitamin D – something our health minister has deemed fake news. Dr. Phillips noted that there are “over 85 studies and 27 treatment trials. Many of these are peer-reviewed.” Dr. Phillips added that the scientific literature has shown a 56% reduction in mortality in patients who take vitamin D compared to those who don’t for Covid-19.”

Ivermectin – “At this point, we have 97 studies and over 30 randomized control trials that have shown a huge benefit to this medication in reducing the risk of death and hospitalization in patients who have Covid. And not only does this treat patients with Covid especially when you give it early but there is also a role and there is 14 randomized control trials for prophylaxes. Meaning taking this medication for high-risk patients early, it can reduce your risk of catching Covid in the first place which is especially relevant in Long term care homes and for health care workers in hospitals.”

Don Welsh – Debate and Science

Dr. Don Welsh is a professor at the University of Western Ontario. He took his time to speak about the public debate around Covid and how the science hasn’t been functioning properly during the pandemic. “Science has not been functioning properly for the last 15 months as we address Covid-19. Our public health community has claimed to know the science and to provide unassailable solutions. Those solutions in the forms of NPR’s, lockdowns, masks, track and trace and social distance perhaps well-intentioned have largely failed and they have created a remarkable list of hardships for Canadians that will take this country many years to recover from.”

“It is time for all in Canada to Engage in Critical Thinking”

In speaking about the censorship that Dr. Bridle and others have received while attempting to further the scientific debate around Covid, Dr. Welsh told reporters while being visibly stirred emotionally that “this behaviour is unacceptable in Canada (Pause) and is antithetical to an open and enlightened society.” Dr. Welsh continued his thoughts by saying that “It is time for all in Canada to engage in critical thinking. To question all aspects of public health response to covid-19.” Dr. Welsh added that “we need deep engagement, we need thoughtful debate to turn this public health response around.”

In closing

It is no secret to those that have been paying attention that doctors and nurses have been censored and are afraid to speak out against the prevailing Covid narrative. These aren’t things that should happen in an enlightened society that is set out to discover the truth. I commend Dr. Bridle, Dr. Phillips and Dr. Welsh and others like them who are speaking out publicly and representing the views of so many who are afraid to lose everything. These men are doing what they believe is right and are willing to do so at the expense of their well-being. Make no mistake, these men represent many – even if the mainstream media doesn’t tell you about them.

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